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Amy and the Stranger

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During the holidays I had a chance for some intimate chat with my wife of now 10 years, Amy. I asked if she ever did anything wild, like have sex with a stranger. Her answer surprised me and was so hot I thought I'd share it, telling it from her point of view.

A little background you need to know, at the time of this story Amy was 31 years old and single. She had moved back home to help take care of her dad, who'd been in a car accident. After six months he was about back to normal and she'd taken a job locally. However, living at home with a nosy mother left her constantly horny, so for sanity she often took weekend breaks going on mini vacations down to the beach. This story takes place on one such weekend.... here it is in her words.


I knew my paycheck would be big, but didn't realize how big. The overtime I'd worked came in and nearly doubled my paycheck. "Fuck it". I thought. "I'm outta here."

I called home and said I would be going to my favorite beach hotel, see you next week. No, I didn't have any clothes except the dress I had on. Hell, I didn't even have any panties as I had on panty hose. But there was a nice outlet mall on the way, and I planned to add a little shopping to my agenda.

I normally prefer a one piece when it comes to swim suits, but all I could find that would fit was a two piece in a darling sky blue, with a cute wrap that went around my hips. The bra had an unusual clasp, buckling in the front. It was designed for more of a C, and since I was easily a D at the time I was showing off a lot of tit. Still, I figured no one knew me so what the hell.

I got to the hotel and checked in, and decided to change into my new suit to go eat dinner at the beach restaurant next door. It was quite normal to see people in swim attire at this place, and while I wasn't the skinniest broad in the place my exposed boobs got me a lot of looks, adding to my horniness. The very tight bottoms kept my clit massaged, and I probably would have shown a big damp spot if it hadn't been for the wrap around my waist.

After dinner I returned to my room, stripped nude and spent some quality time playing with my pussy. Oh did I cum! Felt so good to just let loose and not have to worry about interruptions.

I fell asleep fairly early, I guess all the orgasms wore me out. I woke up about 4 am, horny again. I wanted some extra stimulation, and decided to spend a little of my overtime cash on some new sex mags and toys. I knew of an all night video store about two blocks away. The front half was a respectable video rental store, but in the back behind a red curtain was a nice, clean sex store filled with videos, magazines, and toys.

I put on my swim suit bra, but really didn't look forward to the tight bottoms. "Fuck it" I thought, no one will see me, at this hour everything will be deserted. So I put on just the wrap, tucking my cash and license into it's hidden pocket.

A short drive brought me to the store, behind the front counter an old man was watching some tv show. Old, hell this guy bordered on ancient. Anyway, I slipped behind the red curtain to fun land.

I was quite surprised to see one other person in there. A young, sandy haired college student was looking over some of the materials. He was wearing only his swim trunks, his bare well tanned chest on display. He was a bit skinny for my tastes, but cute.

I looked around, picking out a few letters magazines when I noticed him on the other side of the rack from me. His arm was moving in a suspicious manner, but because of the rack height it was about all I could see. "Hi." he said, giving me a smile. "Wanna have some fun?"

"Depends." I told him coyly. "What'cha doin?"

"Why not come around here and see?"

"OK." I said. "But you stay at your end, do what I say, or I'm outta here." I walked to the far end of the rack, coming around the back side. Turning the corner I could see his cock, he had dropped his trunks and was pumping.

His dick was nice, not overly long but thick. "Care to join me?" he asked again. Oh was I tempted, it had been so long since I had some cock. But then I had this vision of getting knocked up by a stranger and having to spend the rest of my life listening to mom say "I told you so".

Still, I wanted to have some kind of fun. "I better not. My boyfriend might not be pleased." I lied. "I will watch, if you want. Just remember, I'll stand here, you stay there, any closer and I scream, got it?"

He nodded, smiled, and kept pumping while I watched. After a bit he said "Hey, can you show me a little something?" I glanced at the door, then squatted down to the floor. Smiling, and hidden from the doorway by the magazine rack, I undid the front of my suit letting my D cups spill out. I played with them, rubbing them and pinching my nipples. My new friend groaned in appreciation.

"You like?" I asked.

"Damn those are the biggest tits I've ever seen! Very sexy." I admit I blushed a little, I knew they were big but it had been a long time since I had any sexy compliments. He kept pumping, and I couldn't resist sliding a hand up under my skirt to play with my cunt. After a few minutes with both of us moaning he said "Can I see your pussy? I bet it's as pretty as your breasts."

I love flowery talk like that, and I swear I've never done anything like this, but without thinking I just unhooked the clasp on my wrap, took it off and sat it on the floor. Here we were, two strangers, almost bare naked. His shorts had fallen to the floor and he'd stepped out of them with one foot. I only had on my top, open and draped loosely around my shoulders.

Together we masturbated in the sex shop, touching ourselves quietly. Suddenly he groaned, arched his back, and shot a long stream of cum from his cock. It sailed through the air and landed just in front of me, not bad as I was nearly five feet away. The site of his cum set me off, and I had a nice orgasm of my own leaking all over my fingers.

I guess my young friend got self conscious, as he quickly pulled up his shorts and left. I put my boobs away, then stood and wrapped the skirt around me. I spent a little more time, picking out some letter magazines, two magazines of people screwing, and one of hunky guys. I think it was supposed to be a gay mag, but the cover guy looked a lot like my handsome stranger. I also selected a vibrator that was similar in size and shape to my jack off friends penis.

I spent the rest of the weekend naked and masturbating like crazy, looking at the dirty magazines, and dreaming of the strangers cock!

-the end-


Identical Twins Deceit

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Chapter 1

I know most of you don't have an identical twin. Well I do and we have had a lot of fun with the girls that we dated. The one girl that I never switched places with Max was my wife Trisha. Trisha was a virgin when I met her. She was also a virgin when we got married about 6 month ago.

Well that changed about three months after we got married. Max got married about three months after I did. Now Max, he was always funny in certain ways, and even more perverted than I was.

A week before he got married he came to me asking me if I would do something for him. God was I surprised when I found out what it was that he wanted me to do.

Max wanted me to trade places with him on his wedding night. He said his fiancé Mary was a virgin and he wanted me to take his place and take her virginity. He told me that ever since he could remember that what he wanted to do when he got married was to have his bride fucked by another man before he fucked her. He said that the thought of it had always turned him on and that he knew the only way she would do it was if she thought it was him. So that left me, his identical twin brother.

He said that after the wedding ceremony we could slip away and change clothes and I could be him until the next day when we would meet and change back.

Well things don't always turn out the way we think they should or we plan on. And guess what? That is exactly what happened.

There was something about the idea of me fucking his bride on their wedding night and taking her virginity instead of her bridegroom doing it, that excited me. The only problem was that what would I tell Trisha. The solution to that was that he would take my place. My wife had never been able to tell us apart either. Actually the thought of him fucking Trisha, who had never had another man, while I fucked his virginal bride was an exciting thought also.

After careful thought of about one minute I agreed. I know most of you will not understand why I would agree to someone else, especially my own brother fucking my wife. Well like I said we had done it many times before with girls we dated. We got to fuck twice as many girls that way. We even got some of them pregnant. They just didn't know that the father of their baby's was not whom they thought it was.

Even the few that had us DNA tested could not understand why the test came back that the man they said was the father was not. They never thought about testing the twin brother.

Of course we never even thought about protection because neither of us had ever used it. We had never worried about it before.

My brother had tried to get me to trade places with him when I was dating Trisha, but knowing she was a virgin I always refused. After three months of married life we were still enjoying being newly weds and she was willing to try anything sexual that I wanted to do. But only between her and me. I had mentioned how the thought of watching another man fuck her excited me, but that was something that she refused to do.

Now with my brother wanting me to take his place and spend his wedding night with his bride, he would get the chance to spend one night with Trisha and be able to fuck her all night. The thought of my wife being fucked by another man, even if we had only been married three months, and she wouldn't know she was being fucked by another man, it was exciting.

All during that next week, waiting for my brothers wedding day, every time I fucked my wife, I would think about what she would do if she knew it was my brother that was fucking her on that day and not me. Of course I thought about what his bride would say if she knew she was going to be fucked and her virginity taken by her grooms brother not her groom.

Finally the wedding day. My brother and his bride made a lovely couple as they stood there and said their wedding vows. My cock was hard just from the thought that I would soon be fucking his bride instead of him and he would be fucking my wife.

Right after the ceremony, Max and I finally got away from everyone and quickly switch places. When we returned to the reception, I was now my brother and he was me. It was not hard for us to change places because we had done it so often before. Yes, there were some very slight differences but none anyone would catch.

I actually got a tight feeling in my stomach, when my brothers bride and I left and I saw my brother standing with my wife, his arm around her almost cupping her breast in his hand. I knew he would be fondling, licking and sucking her breasts before the night was over. I could almost see him sucking her nipples and licking and sucking her pussy, which she loved. In the back of my mind I could also see her with her mouth full of his cock.

Mary, my brothers bride, sat right next to me once we got into the car. She put my arm around her and held my hand right on her firm petit breast. I squeezed and massaged her breast through her bra most of the way to the hotel, where we would spend her wedding night with me fucking her. The next day I would meet my brother and we would switch back and he would spend the next two weeks with her on their honey moon.

How wrong we both were.

Mary could hardly wait to get to our room. She was so sexually aroused at the thought of finally being able to get fucked and her virginity taken that she acted like she was about to rape me in the elevator. Damn, I enjoyed having her rub and squeeze my cock through my pants. The thought of it being my brothers bride squeezing and playing with my cock may have had something to do with my cock being so hard.

Once we were in the room, Mary threw her arms around me and kissed me with open mouth. Her tongue played with mine and licked every micro inch of my mouth and tongue. Of course during this time I was squeezing and playing with those beautiful tits of hers.

As I kissed her, I unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. I leaned back and took a good look at my brothers bride standing there in just her bra. Her breasts were firm but petit. I couldn't see her nipples but I was really anticipating on seeing them. I knew that my brother had not even seen them yet. She had never let him fondle them or see them. Knowing I would be the first man to see my brothers bride naked was a real turn on, but I wasn't going to hurry things, I was going to enjoy her.

Even looking at Mary standing there in only her panties and bra, the picture of my wife laying on our bed with my brother caressing and kissing her with his cock in her pussy, flashed through my mind.

I again pulled her to me, kissed her and as I did I unsnapped her bra and slipped it off. Looking down I could see her naked breasts and nipples. Her breasts did not sag any at all and her nipples hard were about a half inch long. I could hardly wait to suck and bite them.

I again kissed her and as I did I reached down with both hands and grasp the sides of her panties on both sides. I slowly pulled them down, kissing down her neck to her breasts. I kissed and licked her now hard nipples, then sucked them into my mouth one after the other back and forth. Each time I sucked one I would lightly bite it until she would cry out weakly in pain.

She mewed like a little kitten when I sucked as much tit into my mouth as I could. She pushed her breast back at my sucking mouth as hard as she could. First one then the other. Finally I did release her tits and kissed my way down her stomach as I pulled her panties all the way down and she stepped out of them, leaving her standing there in front of me naked her almost hairless pussy right in front of my eyes. I did not kiss it or lick it then, I would be doing that later, before I put my cock in her. Right now I just wanted her to be naked and wanted to be the first man she had seen naked.

My cock was as hard as an iron rod, seeing my brothers bride standing there naked, showing be her tits and lightly haired pussy. Knowing that my cock was the first cock she was see, touch, suck and fuck.

I quickly stripped as she lay down on the bed, fully exposing her naked body to the man she thought was her new bridegroom. She did not even think about it maybe being his best man, and his brother.

I stood along side the bed for a minute to give her a good look at the cock that she would soon be sucking and she would soon be impaled on. She stared at it, then reached out and wrapped her small hand around it. I almost cum when I felt her hand holding my cock, Her hand just barely reached around it.

Mary softly moved her hand up and down my cock watching. Her eyes were wide with the excitement she was feeling from touching and seeing her first one.

Already I could tell that she was sexually excited by the wet glistening of the wet hair around her pussy and pussy lips. I could even see her pussy fluid oozing from her virginal slit.

I lay down on the bed beside her and pulled her now naked body tight against mine. Her skin was so soft and velvet to the touch. She was trembling with sexual excitement as she pressed herself against me. I wondered what she would say if she knew she was being looked at and held naked in the arms and against the body of her now brother-in-law and not her new husband.

For several minutes I held, caressed and kissed her. Her kisses became more and more passionate as I caressed her naked body. I kissed my way down to her breasts and licked and sucked her nipples as she moaned and groaned with passion. She did not even pull away when I bit here nipple quite hard. She pressed her breast against my mouth even harder.

It was not long before, still holding my cock, Mary kissed her way down my body and started kissing the head of my cock. I watched and fondled and squeezed her tits and nipples as she licked the head of my cock clean of pre-cum, then opening her virginal mouth slipped the head of my cock into it, wrapping her lips around my shaft.

I will never forget the feelings and thoughts that I had as I watched my brothers bride suck my cock. The first cock that she had ever sucked. It was great laying there with my cock in her mouth, and my hands squeezing and fondling her tits.

Chapter Two

Deciding to push things along, I pulled her over on top of me, until we were in the 69 position. I spread her legs, one on each side of my head, her almost hairless wet pussy lips right at my face. Damn I thought, not only is my cock the first that she sucks and tastes, I will also be the first to show her what it feels like to have her pussy licked and sucked. With that thought on my mind, I flicked my tongue out and licked it up between her wet sensitive pussy lips and across her virginal clitoris. Mary seemed to just freeze with almost half of my cock deep in he mouth. She let out a muffled cry of pleasure as I licked her wet slit up and down.

She pushed her pussy at my mouth trying to get more of that pleasurable feeling. Mary was so hot that after just a few licks, her entire body spasmed as if she was having some kind of seizure. She cried out as loud as she could with her mouth full of cock.

I couldn't wait any longer, being almost to cum myself. I rolled her off me, pulling my cock out of her mouth. She was gasping as if she couldn't get her breath, which I guess she was having a hard time doing, this being her first real orgasm. I spread her legs wide, and pulled my self on her and between them. As I guided my hard cock to her still spasming, wet pussy, I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. Letting her taste her own pussy juices coating them. At the same time I could taste my pre-cum coating her lips, as our tongues played tag.

With one hand cupping her breast in my hand, squeezing it hard, I reach down with the other and rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit. Her body just automatically reacted to her first cock, wriggling and squirming and trying to get it in her virginal hole. I couldn't believe how hot this girl was, never having been fucked before. I guided my cock head to her tight hole and started pushing it in. Mary's eyes popped wide open and stared into mine as she felt her virginal hole being filled by her first cock. The cock she believed was her new husbands. I could feel her hips moving as her body tried to adjust to the object she was being impaled with. Her whines and whimpers of pleasure suddenly changed to a cry of pain as my cock head slipped fully in and pressed hard against her hymen.

She had never had anything in her pussy that had stretched her so wide. Her pussy tunnel was so tight that it was easy to tell that my brothers bride was indeed still a virgin. My cock felt like it had rubber bands stretched tight around its head.

I had to hold still, or cum, from the tightness of her pussy and the erotic sexual thoughts of my cock being the first inside my own brothers bride. Finally having regained control of myself, I fucked my cock head in and out of her pussy entrance as her body squirmed not knowing if it wanted the cock impaling it in deeper or pulled out.

Deciding it was time for my to take my brothers brides virginity, I pulled my cock head almost out and lunged forward. The pain she felt from her hymen being torn, caused her to gasp, not even allowing her to cry out with the pain, as my cock drove through and plunged down her tight virginal vaginal tunnel.

As all seven inches of my cock plunged into her tunnel and drove against her cervix, she caught her breath and cried out with the combination of pain and pleasure sweeping her young body. I felt her body stiffen, then spasm as if trying to get away from the cock now implanted deep in it. I held still, as her vaginal tunnel adjusted to the object that had just been driven in. As I lay on my brothers bride relishing the feeling of her tight virginal pussy squeezing and massaging my cock, the picture of my wife laying with my brothers cock buried deep inside her pulsating pussy flashed through my mind. Was he fucking her, while I was laying here fucking his bride? The thought alone was almost enough to make me fill Mary's tight pussy with my sperm.

At first I slowly fucked my cock in and out of Mary until her never before fucked pussy was well lubricated with her vaginal fluids and my pre-cum. Once she was well lubricated which only seemed to take a few seconds, I began to fuck her faster and harder. It did not take her long to get into the rhythm of my cock driving in and out of her before she was fucking her tight pussy back at my cock as hard as I was driving it into her.

It did not take long before my driving cock drove the virgin bride to orgasm. I had to actually hold on to hold my cock in Mary's pussy her body jumped and bucked and fucked back at me so hard when her orgasm swept her young body.

Her spasming vaginal muscles milking my cock, also brought me to the point I could not hold it any longer either. I rammed my cock into her as hard as I could and as deep as I could. It almost hurt when I released my load of sperm in her and felt it rush up my shaft to spurt out and splash her hot sensitive pussy walls. As my sperm coated her sensitive walls, she screamed and her orgasm just seemed to increase in intensity.

Her vaginal muscles squeezed my cock so hard that it felt like they were going to squeeze it off.

We both lay exhausted from our intense love making that had lasted for over 45 minutes. It had seem like just a few seconds. How time flies.

Mary had enjoyed being fucked so much that she was now addicted to it. How did I know this? The rest of the night she licked, sucked and fucked me almost to death. She had me squeeze and bite her tits so hard she cried out with the pain. She did not seem to get enough of it.

By morning her petit tits were covered with bruises in the shape of my fingers and my teeth marks. My brother would be able to tell I have fucked his wife for at least a couple of weeks, when we did switch back. Mary even managed to suck almost all of my cock down her throat before we were finally exhausted beyond recovery for the night. She was a fast learner.

During our night of love making, Mary had been on top of me and had guided my cock to her anal opening and dropped her self on it, plunging my cock deep into her bowels. She had cried out at the pain, but seemed to relish the sexual pleasure she got from it. She fucked me with her anal muscles until she knew I was about to cum and pulling my cock out, guided it to her pussy and dropped herself on it, fucking me until I cum.

As we lay exhausted she told me that she wanted all of my sperm she could get in her pussy, because it was her fertile time. She said she actually wanted to get pregnant on her honeymoon, that it was so exciting thinking about it.

I didn't know what to think, because I hadn't even thought about getting her pregnant. But by now it was way to late to worry about it. I knew that I had filled her with enough of my fertile sperm that her womb was probably full of it by now.

We finally went to sleep, in the wee hours of the morning. I was awakened by the telephone ringing. This was about 8 am. It was my brother. We were supposed to meet and change places back, but as I said earlier, things happen. That is just what happened.

My wife and I had received a phone call from her mother saying that her father was in the hospital from a car accident. He would be alright but he was seriously injured. Well she insisted on going to them immediately. Her parents lived over 300 miles away, and they were going to drive.

Now my brother and I could not admit to having changed places, not after I had fucked his new bride and he had fucked my wife, neither of them knowing it.

My brother told me that my wife was a great fuck and that they had fucked most of the night. He told me he had cum in her how many time. She had sucked his cock while he licked and sucked her pussy. Then what he told me next made my stomach knot up. He said that after he had fucked her several times, filling her with his sperm, she had told him that she was in the middle of her fertile week. Of course by then it was to late for him to do anything about it.

Now my wife and I had decided to try to get her pregnant. This was her first fertile period, since we had discussed it. I had not realized that this would be her fertile time. Then it struck me. What a coincidence, I thought as I told him that his new bride was in her fertile time also. He didn't know what to say. When he had ask me to switch places with him he did not know that it was his wife's fertile time either.

I described to my brother what he had missed by not being the one to fuck his bride on their wedding night. Then as we talked we both realize the funny side to it. Both our wives fertile at the same time and we picked that time to switch places.

We finally had to hang up because my wife was ready to leave and would not be delayed. They did not plan on being more than a couple of days, but that would be too long before we could switch back. I would have to go on his honeymoon with his bride and he would have to stay with my wife for at least two weeks. That meant that instead of fucking each others wife's for one night we would be fucking them for at least two weeks.

That meant that the chances increased a million fold that we would get each others wife pregnant.

Yes, for the next two weeks, I spent every night fucking my brothers bride. She could not get enough of it. And yes he fucked my wife every night, just like l did his.

When we finally met to switch back, we told each other in detail what the other had done. Then we finally realized that the thought of impregnating our brothers wife was a real turn on. My wife having my brothers baby and his wife having mine. Neither one of them realizing they were not having their husbands baby, but his brothers.

Finally getting back with my own wife was great. I had missed fucking her even though I had been fucking my brothers wife. We had great sex that night and she even talked about how she was sure she was pregnant. Listening to her talk about it, it did seem exciting to me. My own wife having my brothers baby. It was sexually exciting thinking about it.

You guessed it, a month and a half later she verified it. She was pregnant. If only she knew that the baby she now had growing inside her was not mine.

Yes my brothers bride was excited too. She was pregnant also. The two women talked about how maybe they had gotten pregnant on the same day. All my brother and I could do was look at each other and smile, and remember the fun we had getting the others wife pregnant.

Charlie "the drifter"

-the end-


Amy and Bonita

From the erotic story archives of

It was a warm Saturday night, but then they all were in southern Florida, where I was living way back in the mid 1980's. I was sitting around in my bra and panties, and my friend Petey was at my apartment, dressed only in a pair of loose jogging shorts.

It wasn't unusual for us to be dressed so casually, Petey and I were masturbation buddies. We'd had no interest in each other in terms of a relationship, indeed with both of us just coming out of bad relationships we had no desire to start new ones. Still, we were good friends, and recognized the need for physical relief. I'll tell you more about Petey some other time, but just understand that it wasn't unusual for us to be naked or nearly naked around each other.

That night though we were merely chatting, and I was complaining of a stiff neck. I said something about wishing I could get a massage. "I know a place." Petey offered. "If you don't mind a place that, well, isn't on the best side of town." He jotted down the address, I recognized the area as being near a strip of adult bookstores that, yes I'll admit I sometimes visited myself.

"As long as they are open tomorrow and can fix my neck, I don't care where they are." I told him.

"OK then, oh and make sure to ask for 'the works'. Costs a bit more but well worth it."

"Just what is the works?" I asked, intrigued, but he refused to answer saying I'd see for myself.

I got Petey to unhook my bra, then with my tits free bid him a good night. I tried to get some sleep, even got out my trusty vibe but to no avail as I was just too distracted by the nagging pain in my neck.

The next morning I got up early and drove to the address. Now, I will admit in retrospect there were some clear warning signs that this place wasn't entirely on the 'up and up'. But although I did enjoy a nice sex life back then I was still very naive and trusting, so it just didn't occur to me this might be anything other than a place to get some physical therapy.

I guess my first alarm should have been the location, right across the street from an adult bookstore. I entered though, and was greeted by a middle aged lady wearing a leopard print skirt and black tank top. Not exactly receptionist wear, but she was very sweet and friendly.

She took my name, and found out why I was there. I filled out some paperwork, including my insurance info. I was a bit nervous about the cost, but she told me "Oh darling, don't worry with your insurance there's only a 15 dollar deductible. We can file this as a physical therapy visit, and your coverage is good for..." she flipped through some papers on her desk... "two visits a month." I was surprised my insurance would cover it, but was so in need of relief I didn't stop to question my good fortune.

"Um, I was hoping to get... the works?"

"Really, well that's no problem, no problem at all!" she said with a smile that at the time I thought was friendly, but in retrospect may have been a little lewd.

The paperwork done, she told me it would be about 20 minutes while her therapist, Bonita wrapped up with a client. "You look a little nervous." she observed.

"Well," I told her, "this is my first time at a... well massage place."

She laughed good naturedly. "Don't worry about it. Hey, we have a nice juice drink, it's designed to calm you down, get you in the mood, would you like one?"

Now, that should have been my next alarm, I mean who ever heard of fruit juice 'calming you down', but in my youthful ignorance all I said was "sure I love juice!" I slugged it down, and today am pretty sure it had something mixed in with it. By the time my appointment came, I was very mellow and agreeable. Not drunk or anything, I can't really explain it, I was just very... well uninhibited might be a good word.

Soon I was shown into a room where a big table sat in the middle, thickly padded it could easily hold two people. The room was softly lit, not dim exactly but the light was gentle and relaxing, not at all harsh. Soft jazz played on overhead speakers.

Before the receptionist left, I was instructed to remove all of my clothes, every stitch, including jewelry. I did, placing them on a chair and laid face down on the table as instructed. I looked around for something to cover up with, but saw nothing so felt a little self conscious lying there with my naked ass exposed. I guess I figured though if they didn't care, neither did I.

A few moments later Bonita walked in. Like a lot of folks in southern Florida, Bonita was clearly of Latin / Spanish ancestry. I was quite surprised to see her wearing a white bikini as her work outfit. Or should have been, had my brain been firing on all cylinders. Bonita was short, with smallish breasts, a slightly plump belly and wide hips and ass.

She said hello, and we exchanged a few lines of idle chit chat while she glanced at my chart. Although English wasn't her first language, we managed to communicate pretty well as she worked on my back and shoulders. Bonita was good, she had the pain gone from my neck in minutes. She then began working my entire back, which I should add is one of my erogenous zones.

"Hey," Bonita asked softly, "since it just us girls, you not mind if I pull off my top. So hard to get clean with all the oil."

I was mellow and feeling no pain, and would have agreed to about anything. "Sure." I mumbled. "Go for it. Get as comfy as you want. I am." I saw Bonita step over to a side table out of the corner of my eye, and saw her remove her top. Even though she'd only asked about her top, she also removed her bottom, exposing her shaved pussy to me.

She returned and began really working my lower back, then poured the thick oil over my ass. Normally I'm not much for ass play, but I was really relaxed and didn't even flinch when I felt one of her fingers slide down my ass crack and massage lightly around my anus.

Bonita didn't linger long, she continued down working over my legs and feet. Finally she stopped and moved her hands back up stopping at my ass. After giving it a quick feel she suggested I roll over. I did, feeling very good and looking forward to the front side.

She began at my face, gently touching my cheeks, then down to my neck. She'd already done my arms when I was face down, so began working on my D-cup breasts. My 'therapist' was really good, she knew just how much pressure to put, how hard to tweak my nipples. I was really beginning to get a sexual buzz, I could feel my crotch getting moist.

Eventually Bonita left my tits and worked down my plush belly, then finally arriving at my crotch. I was beginning to get a little nervous, but didn't stop her as she poured a thick gob of oil right onto my hairy mound. She massaged either side of my labia, by now my clit had to be peeking out. Suddenly I felt her hand engulf my entire crotch, I could feel my clit as it rubbed against her hand.

I let out a gasp, although I wasn't sure if it was from pleasure or surprise. Nonetheless I moaned with delight, and as if by instinct spread my legs even more. Obviously Bonita took that as the go ahead sign, and slipped one or two fingers inside me. I half noticed she was now up on the table beside me, with her other hand she was tweaking my tits.

Somewhere deep in my brain I was protesting, but I guess the juice or my state of arousal was overriding it, yelling at myself to shut up. I gave in, and was treated to a monster orgasm.

I half passed out, I guess, when I opened my eyes Bonita was lying on the table beside me, gently fondling my tits, rubbing my nipple against one of hers. When she realized I was awake though, she stopped. "Oh good you awake. You like massage?"

Rather groggily I told her I had. "You want more?" I told her no, I was quite happy. "Let clean you up." She hopped up and guided me to a rather small shower stall. It was warm and clean, but not a lot of space for two people.

Bonita turned on the water and got me lathered up with some sort of soap that did a good job of washing off all the oils that had been used during the massage.

She saved my crotch for last, and as she soaped it up I leaned back against the wall and spread my legs. It was feeling quite good, and I guess I wasn't quite as satisfied as I thought, since I began to moan. Bonita slipped a finger inside me, searching out my g-spot.

While fingering me she began kissing my neck. I think I could have resisted if it wasn't for that, my neck is very erogenous, and she really got me going. I think I may have felt her plump ass, I do recall grabbing a handful of tit at one point. Pretty quick she licked her way down and began sucking my tits while continuing to finger me.

That pretty much did me in, I love having my titties sucked and that combined with her hitting my g-spot sent me over the edge. My whole body shook with pleasure as my pussy came all over Bonita's talented fingers.

The rest of it was something of a fog. I vaguely recall her drying us off and dressing me, then the receptionist guiding me to my car. "Remember, we're open 24x7 if you ever need us!" she said as she got me into my vehicle.

Luckily it was still early in the morning so traffic was very light, and I managed to get back to my apartment without incident. I recall collapsing on my bed, not even removing my clothes.

When I woke up the sun had already set, and I was still lying in bed, but now I was naked. I guess I had gotten up at some point but don't remember it at all. I was more than a little disturbed by what had happened as it was all very out of character for me, but I had to admit my neck didn't hurt anymore.

-the end-


A Most Embarrassing Spanking

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St: A Most Embarrassing Spanking (M/t, spank, shave, humiliation) Summary: A youth finds that his spanking is far too public.
The following story is fiction and contains a scene of a humiliating spanking.

A Most Embarrassing Spanking
by Y Lee Coyote

It was Friday afternoon and Jim Brockwell was feeling good as he got home for he had lots of great things planed for the weekend. He was feeling good, that is, until he heard his father call him. Just the tone of his father's voice told him that he was in trouble; deep trouble.

"Good afternoon, Father." said the fourteen-year-old boy. "You're home early today."

"It's not such a good afternoon, Jimmy. I got a call from your school a little while ago. "

"I can explain, Father." the boy started but his father cut him short.

"No more excuses. We've been through this before. You've made promises. I've made promises about what would happen if you did not keep yours and I'm certainly going to keep mine." Jimmy was most unhappy as his father led him into the hall. As Mr. Brockwell opened the boy's belt, Jimmy started to whine about being spanked. He had no idea that today was going to be worse than ever before. It only took Mr. Brockwell a few more seconds to open the boy's jeans and pull them down to his ankles. Less than five seconds later, the boy's briefs joined them below his knees. The man saw that his son was starting to mature and wished that he would act more grown up.

Mr. Brockwell sat on the chair. It was a simple, although a very heavy and sturdy, chair that was perfect for the task at hand. He pulled Jimmy over his lap and got a firm grip on his waist. He started slowly, with moderate spanks but quickly progressed to harder and more rapid spanks. He could see Jimmy's bottom turning pink and then red and then fiery crimson. Jimmy's pleas and promises quickly changed to exclamations of pain and then sobbing, crying and bawling like a baby. Mr. Brockwell stood his son up just as Linda, his younger sister, and her friend came in. Jimmy was mortified that they saw him naked and crying. He tried to cover his crotch but his father was holding his arms. After the girls greeted Mr. Brockwell, Linda said to her friend: "Jimmy is such an _immature little baby_." As the girls continued upstairs quite uninterested in the naked, crying boy, Mr. Brockwell frog marched him into the corner. Without being told he placed his hands on his head. He knew the drill and that failure would mean more spanks.

His father returned to his den and Jimmy contemplated his faults although foremost in his mind was his hot, fiery butt. His ear was also cocked for the timer bell that would indicate his corner time was up.

A few minutes later the door bell rang and his father responded. Jimmy was concerned that more people would see him with his red butt hanging out.

"Good afternoon, Sir. I hope all is well. May Jimmy come and play a while?" asked the perfect, not quite thirteen-year-old boy. The one with consistently high grades and lots of sport trophies; the sort that every father in the neighborhood dreamt of.

"Yes, JJ. Jimmy is a bit occupied but he may go out soon. You're more than welcome to wait inside."

"Thank you, Sir." As JJ entered, he saw his friend standing in the corner, pants about his knees and his butt afire. JJ immediately had his hand on his phone ready to snap a picture at the first opportunity. There were aspects about him that were not so well known to the adults in the community. As JJ sat down, Jimmy's father returned to his den. JJ took his first picture and then approached his friend. "Still getting spanked, Jimmy? You told us that was over. That was very naughty of you to lie." Jimmy did not answer nor did he move although he jumped a bit when JJ slapped his hot, glowing tail. He was absolutely mortified that his friend was seeing him doing corner time while displaying a freshly spanked butt and there was not any way to deny it. He would have to be careful dressing so that his friend would not see his undeveloped package. It was only recently that he started to grow a bush and he knew that he did not have nearly as much hair nor anything like the man-meat that filled JJ's pants.

The phone rang and Mr. Brockwell talked a bit. Then he came out and spoke to JJ but made sure that Jimmy also heard. "I have to rush out now. Please make sure that Jimmy finishes his corner time." He pointed to the timer on the table. "And then please use this." He handed him a small hair clipper. "Then Jimmy may go out and play until dinnertime. Or should I ask Linda to take charge?"

JJ took the clipper. It was too small to use on Jimmy's head. There was only one other place it could be used. He smiled. "Yes, Sir. I will do as you prescribe. I'm honored that you trust me in this, Sir."

"Jimmy, I'm leaving JJ in charge. I expect that you will cooperate with him following my instructions." Jimmy's father then left. JJ sat in the chair and contemplated the task ahead of him. He rubbed the growing hardness in his jeans as he thought about it.

The timer went off and Jimmy stepped back to pull up his pants. JJ had his camera ready and snapped another picture of his butt sticking out. "Don't bother with your pants, Jimmy. Your dad told me to do something first. Please come over here." Jimmy hesitated. "Don't waste time, Jimmy. You were told to cooperate and if you don't you'll surely get sorry tail roasted again when your dad gets home."

Jimmy realized that JJ was telling it the way things were. He turned and hobbled his way to JJ, blushing. JJ took two more pictures. One would be the before the clippers were used image and the other, he hoped, would capture the tear streaks on Jimmy's face. JJ waited until Jimmy was right in front of him before showing him the clipper. "He said to use this." Jimmy was most horrified and objected loudly. "There isn't any avoiding it, Jimmy. He will surely check when he gets home and know that you did not cooperate. He'll do it -- or worse -- have Linda do it and spank you again." JJ turned on the clipper and then told Jimmy to put his hands behind his head. Jimmy complied and JJ began his barbering career. The clipper made short work of the small bush Jimmy had. There was not anything below to deal with. JJ noticed that Jimmy was looking at the ceiling to avoid watching so he took another close up.

"Get dressed and let's go out, Jimmy."

That evening, Jimmy got an e-mail from JJ. "I think that you should confess to the guys that you still get spanked." The pictures were attached. He did not sleep well that night.

The End.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hot For Neighbor

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Josh & Jolie were both 24 year-old newlyweds who had moved in next to my house this last summer. They were a welcome change from the previous owners (assholes!) and I went out of my way to make them feel welcomed to the neighborhood. I helped Josh work on his car and Josh rewarded me with tales of his times with his scandalously beautiful, red-haired wife. Josh was even my size and benefited from helping himself to my old wardrobe to save money on clothes.

It wasn't long before I fell in love with Jolie and spent many long hours lusting after her lovely body. I went out of my to be helpful to the two of them and they thought that I was just the greatest neighbor that ever lived!

Well, one Thursday Josh and I were working on the old Chevy Malibu and he tells me about how he'd come home from trips and find Jolie in the shower and he'd shut off the bathroom lights, slip into the shower, and then make love to her without saying a word. It was their own little fetish. And then he tells me how he's looking forward to Monday when he gets back from his next trip.


I just about went nuts watching their house to see when he'd leave and then he left on Friday and my heart about pounded out of my chest as I anticipated what I had in mind.

Could I?

Should I?

All day Saturday I helped Jolie clean up their backyard and she made a nice dinner for me around five and, after a little conversation, I excused myself just after six and went home out the backdoor - leaving it unlocked. After all the heavy, sweaty yard work I knew that a shower would be in mind and I waited by the bathroom window until I heard the shower go on just after eight.

(Yeah, I WAS desperate enough to stand there for two hours!)

I slipped in the back door, horny as hell, and made my way to the bathroom. I stripped naked in the hallway and was lightheaded from both my arousal and my fear of being caught. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I opened the door and let my finger hover over the light switch.

This was my moment of truth. Could I really do this?

The bathroom was drenched in a stealthy darkness as I felt my way to the shower curtain. Until the lights had gone off I'd heard Jolie humming in the shower, all I could hear now was the water running. I closed the shower curtain behind me as I stepped into the stall and blindly and timidly reached out my hand ahead of me.

I felt her spine shudder as I made contact and realized that she had her back to me. I guess this was part of the game that they played, so I went along with it.

Jolie seemed to melt as I let my hands massage her supple shoulders and her long, elegant neck. Her hair was up in a bun and I had to take advantage of that little fact with a long, leisurely kiss of her wettened neck. I tasted her salt and knew that a good soaping down would help set the mood. Feeling around, I found the soapdish and was soon happily enjoying my perfect excuse to feel every inch of Jolie's perfect body. After I had her lathered up I luxuriated in holding her close to me while my eager hands explored her neck, her perfect tits, her taut belly, and her surprisingly thick bush.

My every nerve was wide open and overloading my fried brain with pleasure...I'd never imagined that Jolie could be so damned great!

I took amazing pleasure in turning her around under the shower head to thoroughly rinse all of the lather off of her, and then I stepped into the stream to rinse my own soapy body. I heard her open a bottle and felt a cool liquid sprayed on my chest and then I heard her spray the liquid on her own body before closing the bottle and putting it away. I recognized the familiar smell to be baby oil and was immediately blown away by the feeling of two of the most exquisite hands caressing the oil into my skin. She didn't miss an inch, she even made me lift my feet up so she could do the soles - I felt like I had violated her even more than I had planned when I knew that this was an intimate thing that she must do for her husband.

My guilt was promptly forgotten when I felt her oiled fingers rake over my balls just before she took hold of my cock with both hands. I caught my breath wanting to say something, but knowing better. I let her stroke me just a couple of times before the need for her body overtook me.

I took her by the shoulders and turned her around and then guided her hands to the tiled wall of the shower. She understood what I wanted to do and I felt her butt push back at my cock.

I reached an eager hand between her legs and heard a little gasp from her as I ran a finger right into her heavily oiled pussy lips.

This was just too much.

I took her by the waist and then eased my well-oiled cock up to her pussy and let it slip all the way into her delicious body in one slow and deliberate stroke. She instantly answered my thrust with her own and the two of us started to fuck each other with a silent, passionate fury. I loved the way she drew in a sharp breath every time I bottomed out in her pussy, it had to be a little uncomfortable, but she humped me harder every time I did it to her as if asking for more. I finally managed to calm down enough to get into a slow and steady rhythm of pumping all the way in and then almost al the way out. She was everything I knew she would be and I was just in heaven.

Her pussy tightened like a vise when I reached around to finger her clit and she bucked her hips at me as if demanding more of my cock into her heaving body. Jolie's breath came more and more quickly and I soon heard a faint moaning as her orgasm broke over her amazing body. I was entralled just listening to the pleasure I had managed to wring out of her tight, young pussy.

I was just beginning to compliment myself for not having lost my touch when I felt that old familiar boiling in my balls. I drove my cock in nice and deep as I let loose with the most intense orgasm since I was a twenty year old stud. Jolie's pussy clenched my cock with each pulse of my sperm into her depths, she knew exactly how to milk every last drop of cum out of my cock and I had to resist telling her just how great she was.

I just stood there for what seemed to be an eternity with my cock buried up to the hilt in Jolie's sperm soaked pussy. I didn't have the sense about me to do much of anything else.

It was Jolie who finally moved off my cock and I heard an audible 'plop' as it fell out of her pussy and slapped my thigh. She very gently turned around and then carefully washed off my cock and startled me when she said,

"Okay, get out. I've got to do my hair."

Not like I was in any position to argue with her, so I took my leave and dried off with a handy towel and then turned the light back on as I left.

I was making my way out the back door when I heard the familiar rumblings of a certain Chevy Malibu! Josh was home???!!!

I'm not sure if it was a death wish or just a voyeuristic curiosity, but I lingered by the bathroom window listening to the sound of car doors, the shower, house doors, and then a bathroom door. Then the light went off.

It was maybe five minutes later when I heard Jolie's passion being released for the second time that evening.

Amazingly, neither Josh nor Jolie ever compared notes about that night so I managed to get away with my little stunt. I decided not to push my luck by trying that again and was soon content just to be the good neighbor again.

I guess it was early fall when I heard Josh and Jolie having a rather intense conversation in their backyard...

"Josh, what happened to the vasectomy? How could this have happened?"

"Honey, I guess one of the little buggers got through somehow and did the trick, that's all I can think of. It doesn't matter, sweetie, we have plenty of room for the baby and maybe, if we get lucky, we just might have another baby someday."

Yeah, Josh, you just might.



A Short Red Hair

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The clutter chokes my desktop, grows by yet another brief, another chronicle of greed, another record of mischief, the litigants all blueblood scum, their minds diseased and rotten, whole reams of folly, capping yellow piles now long forgotten, if unbalanced, if untended, if not pruned, if not clipped back, this unruly paper hedge would overgrow my coffee black.

My morning coffee, strong and black, steams in its jet black mug, sweet pheromones of ripened beans, my hands a warming hug, I close my eyes and brace myself against the slogging day, against dullards and gladhanders who simply will not go away, yet for silken silent seconds, sipping softly, breathing deep, I forget the hordes of halfwits and ignore the crowds of creeps.

This ritual is sacred, when the only human sounds are soothing slurps of sustenance strained slow from holy grounds my quiv'ring lips like fingertips as they dance over Braille, a reverence like Percival paid to the Holy Grail, this blessed bean! My smiling eyes look down, and in a flash I see a pubic hair--just floating there!--amid the neon splash.

Your grandma sports a hickey! Your wedding ring is brass! The Mona Lisa's got a moustache and the Priest farts during Mass! A violation voluntary? A desecration by design? Or a sign of territory by some twisted, tortured mind? My fumbling fingers fish it out, this first of all my clues, I yearn, I burn to find out how, and why, and when, and whose?

It sprouted up from female soil, of this I have no doubt, this flaming incandescence from a land that knows no drought. I twirl it twixt my fingertips. I hold it to the light. Is she daring, driven, playful? Is she cultured? Erudite? Is she waiting now, and wondering? Is this her special test? Is she weeding out the wannabees too weak to make this quest?

It's red, this hair, a dopplered flash flung from a dying star, the hot blood on a Viking's beard in brutal twilit war, this is the red of rage, of lust, the bright hue of the id, the brimstone red of flames that cleanse we sinners of our sins. This is the red of danger signs. Of trouble soon to breed. Of a scarlet wench who knows somehow the color of my need.

* * * * *

I played doctor to a red-haired girl at green and gawky seven. I confessed this sin, not knowing that I'd had a glimpse of heaven. An auburn nymph was first to slip her tongue inside a kiss. A redhead coed was the first to pull me down to bliss. I was blind and taut with frantic lust for a russet divorcee Who took me with my wounded heart and screwed my hurt away.

I remember well the pleasures. Yet some things I still suppress: my ripping heart, dark drunken days, black poisoned loneliness. Each time a redhead beckoned me, I followed without blinking. And afterwards I knew too well which head had done the thinking. Yet their hold on me was more than just their mastery of friction. They freed me from the primal fears that were my soul's affliction.

Since childhood I had kept a little nightlight in my room because my fevered brain would conjure monsters from the gloom; but a redhaired college bedmate worked to cure me of my shame; she bound my hands, shut off the lights, and played with me a game where in the darkness I would find her hiding, soft and nude, by following the fragrance of the musk she would exude.

Another redhead led me to the rooftop late one night when I confessed to her I harbored still a fear of heights. She stood me, leaning, at the edge to see the frightful drop, unzipped me, took me out, and sucked me like a lollipop, and blasted me into a realm astride some astral plane, where any worldly altitude seemed paltry and mundane.

Deep in our brains are memories we share of fins and gills, of trilobites and plesiosaurs, ancient whales and krill, yet the ocean terrified me 'til an alabaster Druid, (or so she said) would guide my head and nurse me on her fluid, and lead me from her bungalow down to the tropic tide, and as we bobbed pray to the moon and squeeze me deep inside.

These therapies of skin and blood unplugged my plugged-up spirit. Still I would brood on solitude, and soon began to fear it. And worse: I claimed dominion and enforced it zealously; and each love suffocated from my stifling jealousy. Through coursing tears their eyes were clear; each left me on my own. They recognized I had to face my loneliness alone.

* * * * *

Does it appear I've faced this fear? My life is only me. My mattress subtly sculpted to a lone anatomy. My closet holds a regiment of suits and pinpoint shirts. Dried whiskers fleck the bathroom sink; the tub is ringed with dirt. The fridge gives life support for mold from now-forgotten food. Spread everywhere are spreading women, always in the mood.

I slave beneath flourescents, overwhelmed by inert stacks, with a lukewarm mug of coffee, but the door split just a crack; the blinking stream of light a beacon from the bustling day, and like grinning kamikazes, colleagues leap into the fray, and this hair I hold a talisman, a sign that says this prison is just illusion. (In my shorts a crocus has arisen!)

If Purgatory's a procedure wherein sinners scrub their souls, and purify their purposes, and elevate their goals, it's enough for me right now to know that all my past transgressions, my lies, my rage, my cruelty, my cuckold-fear obsessions, can be the shedded skin I wriggle out of, and now bare, prepare to follow like a star this perfect pubic hair.

(Could we be kindred spirits in our ruthless introspection? Do mocking ghosts of childhood still proclaim your imperfections? Did schoolmates taunt you then because when they went out and played, you plopped beneath a favorite tree and read books in the shade? When you wrapped yourself from head to toe to hide your ivory skin, did you conceal with hateful zeal the heart that starved within?)

O Carrot-top, I'm glad you stopped today to leave this token! It's a gift of self so intimate; yet questions need be spoken: will I know you when I see you? When I drink of those blue eyes, will your sweet soul sit inside that sip to signal it's the prize? Or will you coyly turn away, having plucked for me this blessing, to revel in my heart's mad chase, and cruelly keep me guessing?

But my questions do not open doors nor strengthen wimpy will. So I grab my groin, hold high this hair, and vow to search until I wear your thighs as earmuffs and I lap your secret juice, and close my eyes and breathe the fragrance from your verdant sluice, and trail my tongue between your breasts and gently kiss your brow and enter you, in celebration of the Here, and Now.



Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whore Night

My wife is petite, blonde, 45 years old and looks mid-thirties. She and I have been married six years and have lived out our fantasies for the last three years. We are constantly making bets and Cherie uses her body as her wager. When she loses five times in a row I win the jackpot, and we play a little game we call "Whore Night". Cherie likes this game because I "make" her do things she wouldn't do otherwise. She can be a real slut without having any guilt.

Last month I won big, and told my darling she would be dressed to thrill by 7:30 because I had big plans for her. I have a particular fascination with watching my little whore display her body and suck off several men. I had a friend with a nice house and several friends very ready to meet Cherie. At 8:20 we pulled into his driveway.

Lee met us at the door and led Cherie and I back to the den. Three men in their late 40's or early 50's were waiting for us. Lee made introductions and I told the men that Cherie was there to entertain them. I had Lee put on some music and told Cherie to do a striptease for us to start the evening. Cherie had on high heels and a long dress that buttoned up the front. After one song she was out of the dress and dancing in her black "merry widow" corset and stockings. After the second song I stopped her and had her pick a number between 1 and 20, then had the men guess the number. She picked 4, and two men guessed 3 and 5. I told them 4 was the number so they could both help her out of her panties.

Lee grabbed one side of her panties and Jay grabbed the other, then both slid the panties off her hips and down her legs. All the men leaned forward to look at her shaved lips and the little tuft of hair above her clit. I had Cherie walk around the room and show her pussy to each man. I stopped her after the first man and told her she was to put one foot up on the couch or chair next to each man so they all had a good look at her pussy. I also encouraged the men to stick a finger in her pussy to see how hot dancing naked made her.

Cherie never made it around the whole room. The third man (Bill) put his finger in her pussy and asked when she was going to suck him. Cherie said "Right now, Honey", and knelt in front of him. She unzipped his pants and pulled his prick out, then started licking his shaft and head. After a few licks Bill said "I'm going to cum". Cherie pulled him out of her mouth and told him to cum on her boobs. A few more times she bobbed her head on his shaft and then let his cum splash onto her chin and boobs. Jay was next to Bill and in a few minutes his first load of cum sprayed her chest.

Jerry stood up as Cherie moved over in front of him. He dropped his pants and Cherie was surprised to see a prick that was easily 9 inches long. She had him sit back down, then raised up on hands and knees to make it easier to swallow his shaft. Jerry put his hands behind her head and urged her to suck as much of it in her mouth as possible. Cherie worked and worked at that big prick and finally managed to take all of it in her mouth. She rocked back and forth on that monster and Jerry's first spurt went down her throat. Fortunately, she was able to pull his prick out and the rest of his cum splattered her face and chin.

Lee was next and, because of her talented mouth, soon sprayed his first load on her chin and tits. Finally it was my turn. I let Cherie suck my prick into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. She withdrew it from her mouth and stroked it a few times. "Where do you want to cum, Mister? In my mouth? On my face? How about all over my tits? I like hot cum on my tits. It makes me feel hot and horny. It makes my pussy drip". I told her she was to suck me, take the first spray down her throat and the rest on her face. She stroked me a few more times and then sucked me directly into her mouth. In several strokes she was bumping my groin with her nose and my prick was going down her throat. As I started to cum she took the first jet in her mouth and the next four jets on her face and chin. She rubbed my prick on her face and finally opened her mouth to show me my cum. She smiled and swallowed.

I let my darling rest a minute and brought out a 10 inch dildo that I told her would be part of the next round of entertainment. This dildo is Cheries' favorite pussy toy, and she had named it "Johnny". Johnny had given her hours of pleasure. I told her she would be having Johnny in her pussy soon. Lee brought out a large comforter and placed it on top of a table. I had Cherie climb up on the table and I put Johnny in her hand. Cherie licked Johnny a few times and guided him to her pussy. I brought three pillows and raised Cheries' head and chest so she could watch Johnny going in and out of her pussy. Cherie started moving her hips and lifting her butt off the table. In a few minutes she rolled her legs back and up and started climaxing. This was too much for the men gathered around the table, and they started grabbing her nipples and fondling her body. Cherie had several major orgasms, then almost fainted.

I let her rest a few minutes, then helped her off the table and to the bathroom so she could clean up. The cum on her face and boobs had dried and her pussy had made a big wet spot on the comforter.

When she returned from the bathroom I had Cherie come back to the table and bend over it. I tied her hands together and tied the rope to the other end of the table. I tied each of her legs to one of the table legs, and had her totally spread and available.

"Cherie, up to now it has been a game. Now it is serious. Each man has paid me $100 for a night of fun with you. They will only wear condoms if I decide to allow anal sex. Each man is married, does not fool around and does not have any diseases. They are all going to fuck you and cum in your tight little pussy. After they are all finished, you are going to suck them clean, and thank them for a good time. This is what whores do. Do you understand?"

We started around the room again and Jay had Cherie first. He held his prick out to her and she turned her head away. I stepped back behind her and spanked her butt 10 times. Jay again held his prick out to her and she slowly reached out her tongued and licked his prick. He moved behind her and started pushing his stiff cock into her pussy. In a few minutes Jay shot a load of cum into her. Cherie had reached the point of her climax, then Jay had cum and she was left waiting. Lee had seconds and he too had Cherie lick him before trying to push into her pussy. Cherie had no problem licking Lee and begged him to fuck her. He too brought Cherie up to a climax, but she still did not have her orgasm.

"Jerry, I have to have your monster cock in my pussy, please. Please." Cherie was actually begging to be fucked.

Jerry slipped his cock from his pants and Cherie asked him "Please let me suck it just a minute, then fuck me with that monster"

Jerry shoved his prick into Cherie and she started crying and humping back at him. He worked his prick in and out and Cherie started moaning. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Cherie had two big orgasms before Jerry sprayed her pussy with cum. She looked over at Bill and said "Fuck me, please. Please fuck me."

Bill lasted a long time and Cherie had another climax and a big "thriller" orgasm. Finally it was my turn. Cherie looked at me with bright eyes and said "If you pay me another $100 you can fuck my ass."

I told her "I'm going to fuck your ass tomorrow because your pussy will be too sore from all the fucking tonight."

As I slipped it in her hot little pussy I could hear the other loads squish back and forth. I lasted longer than Bill and drove my little whore to two big thrillers before I dumped my load in with the other loads of cum.

It was 1 a.m. when we untied Cherie from the table. She collapsed to the floor and rubbed her feet and legs. I pulled the comforter off the table, and folded it as a cushion. "Cherie, get on your knees. You are to suck each man clean, then thank him for fucking you."

She licked each man and said "Thank you for the good fucking."

On the way home Cherie said "Thank you for the good fucking. Can we do this again, please?"

-the end-


I was completely spent from the Saturday morning 'waker upper' but it was no effort to lift my chin and extend my tongue to capture the dew drop of perspiration that nestled in Dorit's cleavage.

No longer self-supporting as a smooth nectarine, the right breast rested languorously against the left as she lay facing me. The ripe maturity of the two soft mound expressed even more grace than they had when first I ever tasted their beauty. They shivered slightly as my tongue slid between them. Humming softly, Dorit placed a hand behind my head and pressed me even closer.

"Darling," She broke the silence as she worked her left leg out from under me.


"Last night I heard that John Pierce and Helen Finch are having an affair."

"That's nice." I said drowsily but I was suddenly awake.

Dorit wasn't fooled for an instant. "That got your attention, didn't it?"

I looked up sheepishly. "Yes it did. It explains a lot."

"Like why Sarah was coming on to you so openly last night which is why you came home with such a hard-on."

"Oh, you noticed that?" I mumbled.

Dorit laughed. "Me and about half the members of the club."

"Well, if what you say about John and Helen is true, I'd guess that Sarah's heard about it and is out to even things up." I grinned at the memory. "If she'd rubbed that thing against me one more time while we were dancing, I wouldn't have come home with a hard-on."

Dorit punched me on the shoulder. "Well, if you'd like a little bit of that, our old agreement is still in effect."

I recalled some of the long serious discussions we had held about the inevitable seven year itch. We'd usually concluded that it would be better to scratch it and enjoy rather than build resentment but we'd never encountered a situation to test the philosophy..

Dorit looked at me pensively. "If Sarah is intent on getting herself little bit to even things up, it would be better it be with a friend than with some pick-up. You should give it some serious thought."

"That is something to consider." I mused. "But how about poor Frank. He deserves some consideration."

Dorit sat up in the bed and glanced sideways at me. "Yeah, mustn't neglect poor Frank. He's a handsome stud and shouldn't be left out. I might have some spare time to attend to that while you're back in the haystack with Sarah." She turned to a kneeling position beside me, looking down with a serious look on her face. "We've joked about this sort of situation often enough to know we're both not altogether joking."

I placed a hand on the inside of her thigh. "Yeah, it's a great turn-on but this could be a touchy situation to get involved in."

Dorit sighed. "You are such a chicken. - But you're probably right. However I do worry about Sarah. Maybe we should just turn her on to Frank before she gets herself into some disaster."

"That makes sense." I agreed. "Frank deserves a little bit too and if Sarah is determined to screw somebody, it might as well be the husband of her husband's mistress."

"Well, you line up Frank and I'll round up Sarah - - say Tuesday afternoon. We'll get them into a situation of opportunity" Dorit gave my wandering hand a playful slap. "But don't forget you were offered first go at it."

"Me and my big mouth." I grumbled and slid my hand farther up the soft warm flesh.

Yeah, me and my big mouth. Here Dorit had offered me a free run on the cutest little doll you can imagine - a doll who gives me an erection with a smile - and I'd talked myself out of it. And I wonder if Dorit knows what I've caused her to miss. It's not that I'm underendowed but I've seen Frank in the showers at the club and he has a magnificent tool: - my darling deserves such an experience. I could visualize these firm thighs clamped around Frank's hips as she thrust upward to take every last inch of that firm salami. The thought had my own erection threatening to split its skin so I rolled on top of my beloved and she laughed at me as I drove into her.


Anyway, Tuesday afternoon I arranged an appointment with Frank to go over a minor contractual matter concerning a client and by three-thirty had it all cleared up so I suggested we break early rather than start on something new so late in the day. Frank was amenable to the idea so we repaired to the Ruddy Duck for a happy-hour special and I acted properly surprised to find Dorit and Sarah having an apres-shop glass of wine.

Dorit feigned a moment's confusion as she explained she and Sarah had been shopping and held up a 'Bon' bag to prove it.

I laughed, made some wise-ass remark about this being a great pick-up saloon and ordered martinis for me and Frank. They didn't last long and before signaling for refills, Frank asked the ladies if they would like something with a touch more authority than wine.

Dorit spoke up. "Great idea but glasses here are awfully small for the price. Why don't we stop by our place and I'll shake you up a real martini."

We arrived at the house in cavalcade and as we trooped in, Dorit headed for the kitchen where we keep the booze while I attempted to herd Sarah and Frank into the front room to get them settled together on the sofa. Frank upset that plan by announcing that he's better see that Dorit went easy on the vermouth and followed her toward the kitchen. Sarah took me by the hand and led me to the sofa where she pulled me down beside her as she settled down with her legs drawn up beneath her and her short skirt hiked up to where there was no doubt as to her gender.

"I've been thinking of you continuously since last Friday." She nonchalantly dropped my hand onto the soft flesh of her inner thigh and began to rub my tummy.

"I guess I had a little much to drink." I flustered.

"Oh don't apologize." She breathed. "I enjoyed every minute."

There were sounds of merriment from the kitchen and Dorit and Frank came in laughing, each carrying two double size martinis. Frank had a smudge of lipstick at one end of his mouth and as they deposited two drinks on the coffee table, Dorit looked down and grinned. I followed her gaze and was shocked to discover that Sarah had unbuckled my belt.

"These two seem to be getting along OK without us." Dorit smirked and turned Frank around. She marched him not back to the kitchen but down the hallway in the direction of the bedroom.

Sarah smiled as she deftly undid the top button on my trousers and slid down the zipper before beginning to ease her panties over her hips. I couldn't resist; I got up to help remove the panties from her legs as I dropped my trousers to the floor.

I'd often wondered if a petite little thing like Sarah would be as accommodating as a larger woman like Dorit and was amazed to discover that I slipped in every bit as easily. I could hardly believe I was really doing this - and enjoying it so immensely. Sarah made small noises of satisfaction and raised her knees to clamp me between her firm thighs. I thought of Dorit just down the hall - in our own bed - with Frank and his big dong - but Sarah quickly regained my attention with an adroit muscular contraction which brought a preliminary squirt from my eager tool. I tried to regain control and make it last but all to soon the urge for completion seized me.

Sarah accepted my contribution with a happy sigh. "That was a delightful introduction; later we'll strip and really go crazy."

I tried not to show my surprise. "This is all planned?"

"Of course, dear boy. I never settle for a quickie or even a one night stand. You and I have a lot of 'getting-to-know-you' in our future." She laughed. "Oh I forgot, you thought I was just out to settle a score."

"Dorit said something about John and Helen."

Sarah gave me a warm kiss on the lips. "I guess it's confession time. John and I and Helen and Frank have been a cozy quartet for over a year now. Then last week, when Dorit complained to me how you turn her on with talk of sexual socializing and then chicken out when a good possibility comes up, I mentioned it to the others and they agreed that you two are an ideal couple to make our quartet into a sextet. 'Sex for six' has a nice ring to it hasn't it? - Much nicer than 'fun for four'."

"Sung to the tune of 'tea for two'." I chuckled. "And I can see Dorit's hand in the script for this afternoon."

"- And this evening and the rest of the night." Sarah agreed. "Then Thursday you have a date with Helen and John at our place and Saturday the six of us have a reservation in Vegas - one room, two king beds. Think of the possibilities."

-the end-

Cameraman and the Porno Star

I had never felt so frightened in all my life. I had always had a secure job and now I had been told I was unemployed! It was so sudden it came as a shock to all of us. I have been chief cameraman for this large film studio for the past 7 years and I had always thought my position was there for as long as I wanted it. The stupid major shareholder of the company had decided he didn't want to be encumbered with the company when his very messy divorce came through and so he sold the company to a consortium of owners. This meant the film studio was essentially broken up into smaller bits and pieces and there were lots of casualties - and I was one of them!

I am 30 years old and although I have been married and divorced I felt so lonely at the time of my dismissal that I thought I would die. My wife, my ex-wife, had been a lovely girl and I had loved her with all my heart but she thought the grass on the other side of the fence must have been greener because I came home one day unexpectedly and found her fucking a delivery man! She said she was sorry but that just didn't ring true. In fact, it came out later that she had been fucking a lot of different men and really she didn't have any respect for me at all.

My first thought after my dismissal was to go to a bar and get myself thoroughly pissed and try to forget my troubles but I decided to head for home early instead. I had a couple of bottles of beer at home and had to settle my woes with them. I decided I would sleep on my problem and perhaps stay in bed all of next day. I guess I had dropped off to sleep about 9.00 pm when the telephone rang. It took me a little while to realize where I was but eventually my head cleared and I answered the phone.

I was quite surprised to find the phone call was from an old friend, Steve, whom I hadn't seen for perhaps 4 years. We had been very close a long time ago but had drifted apart as our jobs took us to different walks of life. Steve was a cameraman just like me but he had opted to work with the smaller studios whereas I had looked to the bigger outfits. Steve told me he had heard I was out of a job and wondered if I would like to talk to him about a possible position with his outfit! Of course I couldn't appear too excited but gladly accepted his invitation to lunch the next day.

After rising early and getting dressed and making myself look as respectable as possible, I headed off to our luncheon appointment hoping I would be able to get the position he was talking about. Steve looked good and seemed genuinely pleased to see me again. He was interested to hear of my divorce because it was he who had introduced me to my wife. He was happily married and it seemed to agree with him. Once the lunch was out of the way Steve broached the subject of a position. I was surprised to learn he was the owner of the studio he worked at and although he owned it, he preferred to work as he loved his art. He explained how they had opted for the lower budget films and had left the costly stuff to the studios like I had worked for. He asked me if I would really like to work with him and, of course, I said I would just love to test my skills with his. I knew he was an excellent cameraman and I would have to work hard to equal him.

He continued to give me a background to the company he owned and what they were doing. He also asked me if I had any aversion to working in low budget films or erotic films. Of course if you haven't a job at all it is easy to want to do anything to get another position. I told him I was very enthusiastic about all sorts of film work and would be prepared to do anything he wanted. I guess that last statement clinched the deal because he told me I could begin working with his company in two day's time. He gave me the address, told me to be on time, and he would provide all of the equipment needed and I could start straight away after that. Boy, I was relieved and after lunch headed for a bar for a celebratory drink. Commonsense sometimes prevails and I stopped myself and headed for home instead. I realized I had to keep a very clear hear and drink wouldn't be any help to me there.

On the agreed Wednesday morning I arrived at the address he had given me and was surprised it wasn't a larger film lot. It was certainly neat and tidy looking but seemed to be very small. Upon entering the front door I was greeted by the receptionist who directed me to Steve's office. He welcomed me aboard and told me we could start work on a new film straight away. He led me into the studio and, although it was reasonably large, it was certainly much smaller than I had been accustomed to using.

The studio was made up with 6 different sets around the walls and they varied from kitchens to bedrooms and were quite large which meant, in cameraman's talk, that they were built for close-up work where the cameraman could walk around the set without disturbing the actors. He walked me over these sets and explained we were going to make a porno film and this would take up most of our day. He wanted to know if I would be comfortable with this sort of work and I couldn't agree any quicker without sounding too anxious. I had always wanted to see a porno film made and now it looked as though I would be playing a very important part in this one.

Although the camera was similar to those I had been working with before, it didn't take me long to become familiar with this one. Steve told me we were ready to shoot and all I had to do was to follow the action and we would use the two cameras to capture all the action. The only requirement was that in filming the action, we mustn't allow the cameras to be seen in the film. I was quite accustomed to this and thought it wouldn't be a problem. Steve explained we would be shooting very close-up action and we had to always watch out for the other cameraman.

The first scene was in one of the bedroom sets. The girl who came out dressed in a robe was very pretty and I thought she had a good figure. I then saw three men come onto the set also dressed in robes and they all chatted together. Steve called for some action and they all stripped off their robes. I just couldn't believe how pretty this young girl was without her clothes! She was gorgeous with a lovely figure and such a pretty face.

The first scenes were of the girl, Sandy, sitting at a dressing table reading some important looking papers. She looked lovely sitting there quite naked but totally unconcerned about anything. Soon after we had begun shooting the first of the men came into the room and walked over to her and began kissing her and feeling up her body. He really played with her body and I had a hardon in no time at all. Steve and I were moving around with our cameras - they were both modern cameras with the latest balanced frames so that we didn't get camera shake - and we attempted to film everything he was doing to her body. At last she began licking and then sucking his large cock and both of them were obviously professionals because they knew how to move around so we could film all of their action completely. This man eventually held her by the sides of her head and literally fucked her mouth. We could see he was about to cum and we both moved in for close-ups of the action. At the last minute she pulled her mouth a little away from his cock as he shot his load of cum straight into her mouth. After several spurts in her mouth, she turned to my camera and slowly licked her lips as she swallowed this man's cum. It was a very erotic sight watching her sucking this man and eventually swallowing his load.

Steve stopped the action and Sandy moved away as we stopped the cameras and washed out her mouth but I watched and she had definitely swallowed the man's cum. No doubt about that. While we were recharging our cameras with film etc., I took notice of Sandy and began to see just how pretty she was. She had such a lovely face and figure I could see how she would be a hit with this sort of film. She had lovely breasts with very prominent nipples - not too long, but never-the-less quite prominent. She also had hair on her pussy but this was neatly trimmed back and looked very exciting.

The next scene was ready and this time I was told she was going to be fucked by the next man and we had to be ready when he came because we would only get one shot at this once he started to cum. He was to pull out just before he came and he would shoot his cum over her belly and breasts. The scene began with Sandy standing at the table in the kitchen and this man coming into the set. He was naked and for the life of me I couldn't follow any story but Steve told me it would make sense later when it was all put together. The man walked up to Sandy and began kissing her and playing with her body. She seemed to lap it up and when it seemed the right time, he gently lifted her onto the kitchen table so that she was facing him. He continued to suck her tits and play between her legs before he laid her back on the table, spread her legs wide and slipped his very long hard cock into her cunt. It was very exciting watching this but somehow I kept the camera still.

It took quite a long while photographing this fuck! We would shoot several minutes of him pumping his cock into her and then we would take a minute or more of her face and body which she contorted very well to make it look like she was cumming. All the time we were photographing her body, he would keep his cock in her cunt gently moving it in and out to make sure he kept his erection. I hadn't realized he had to keep his erection for up to 20 minutes before he was allowed to cum on her belly. I would have loved to be this man fucking Sandy but knew I just wouldn't have the staying power to last as long as he did. I could wish just the same!

Over the next several hours, Sandy was fucked by 7 different men each of them being sucked by her and then fucked until it was time for them to cum. Some of them came in her mouth - their cocks were held far enough away from her mouth so that the cum could shoot directly into her mouth - and then she would make a big thing about swallowing the cum. I think I had an erection all of the time I was shooting the film. The finale for this series came when Sandy was stretched out on a table (it was exactly the right height) and she had her bum level with the edge of the table and her legs right up in the air. She was then fucked by each of the 7 men, each quickly after the other, and each shooting their cum over her lovely breasts. By the time they had finished with her she had a mass of sticky cum all over her lovely tits and some was dripping down her side. She looked seductively lovely to me and I didn't know what to do with my hard cock.

All of this day of filming took quite a long time. This was because Sandy had to shower often if the next scene didn't need her to be covered with cum from the previous scene. Also the men had to keep their erections and so there were a couple of young girls, as part of the team, who were required to keep the men's cocks hard. They did this by sucking the cocks, sometimes just playing with them and on other occasions they allowed the men to push their cocks into their cunts and pump slowly just to keep the erection. This was a much more involved business than I had thought.

Over the next 4 weeks I had filmed all of the action when Sandy was fucked and I did a quick count and reckoned she had been fucked about 220 times in that time. I felt insanely jealous of these men and I was in constant awe as she allowed all of these men to fuck her and still she looked so lovely doing it.

Sandy and I became very good mates. We chatted quite often between shots and I can hardly tell you how wonderful it is to be chatting with a beautiful naked girl in front of you! She had a wonderful personality as well as looking lovely. I was completely smitten by her whole being.

We were able to discuss all sorts of subjects when we were together and one of the things which intrigued me was that I hadn't seen her having her period and I wondered if she was pregnant. She laughed beautifully when I asked her if she was pregnant. She said there were all sorts of tricks in the trade. Except for the first day of her period, which was usually fairly heavy, she used a special pessary which fitted up inside her cunt. Provided it was taken out and washed out regularly following each filming, she was able to continue fucking even though she was having her period. She told me this was why she often left the set and visited the bathroom - it was to remove the pessary and the blood inside and then reinsert it and continue filming. I loved the way she spoke so candidly to me. She told me she was on the pill and this made her periods very regular and she was never caught out while she was fucking.

It was during one of these longer breaks in filming just after she had been fucked by 4 big man and she had returned from the shower that she revealed one of her deepest secrets. The crew had to change some of the set and she wasn't scheduled to return on the set for at least 30 minutes. She sat down on a couch with me, she was still naked and lovely, and we chatted like old friends. She told me she had been making these porno films for 3 years now and still liked making them. She told me she had some financial troubles earlier and to earn more money she had taken a job as a topless waitress in a bar. She really loved the attention she was given by the customers and willingly accepted an occasional feel of her breasts and behind every now and again. She kept this up for 3 months before she graduated into the nude waitress field - this was, of course, in private clubs because the law wouldn't allow naked waitresses in ordinary licensed premises. She told me the pay was excellent and she earned at least $3,000 every week because she always allowed the customers to fondle her body. Also, provided the customer was prepared to pay, she would agree to sit on their laps (just like a lap dancer) and, if the man paid he could pull out his cock and she would sit on it. She didn't stay very long with each man and if the man shot his load into her cunt so much the better but if not she would move away and then come back soon after and give him another go! This was where the big money was and she made good use of it! She worked like this having sex with as many as 10 men each night she was working and thus made herself a small fortune. Eventually she gave that up - took a long cruise to forget what she had been doing - and then took this job with the porno studio making the films. I had an encapsulated history in less than 30 minutes.

I asked Sandy if she had ever married but she told me she hadn't even had a steady boyfriend. She was worried any man she went out with would learn she fucked for money and that made her a prostitute. She rarely met any men outside of her work. She confided a lot in me and over the next few weeks we were always chatting whenever we both had a break at the same time. I was very happy with my work and I was earning much more than I had at my previous position.

Of course Sandy wasn't the only girl used in their porno films. Steve had a constant stream of young and pretty girls lining up for auditions. These were rather simple affairs. The girl was required to strip while I was filming them, they were to suck a man's cock and make him cum and she was to swallow his cum and look as though she was enjoying it! She was then fucked by another man and was required to act as though she was loving every minute of it and to make it look as though she had cum while being fucked. This was the hard part for these young willing girls. They all wanted a part in the porno business but being fucked at the audition with blazing lights, lots of people standing around watching and me moving in extra close to see if I could upset them. It was a chance for many of the men connected with the studio to get to fuck a new girl. It didn't have to be a male porno star who fucked her - Steve had a list of business acquaintances ready at short notice to come in for a fuck, for a fee.

About 1 in 100 of these girls actually made it into the industry. Some of them were so young - looked so young - (they had to be 18) and had obviously only had limited experience fucking that their performances were pitiful. I managed to talk to one of these really lovely young, but terribly timid girls after she had been fucked by a very big black man with an absolutely huge cock. She was sitting on the floor, practically out of sight, crying softly. I went over to her and sat on the floor beside her. When she finally responded to my questions she told me she had only been fucked 3 times before and that had only been in the last couple of days. She desperately wanted a job in the porno industry but hadn't realized it was so terrible. Not only was she practically a virgin - after all 3 fucks and only so recently didn't make her a professional - she was crying because she was bleeding. I saw she had a handkerchief pressed tightly against her cunt and there was some blood on it. When I asked her why she was bleeding she told me the black man had pushed his cock so far up inside her it had hurt her terribly and she had begun to bleed after he had finished. I immediately called Steve over and we arranged for her to get medical treatment. Steve then introduced a rule than no girl would be allowed to audition unless she signed a statement that she had been fucked at least 50 times before he would allow her to be tested. I am sure some sneaked through but if a girl was so inexperienced that she had only been fucked a couple of times before the audition, then there was no way she would be experienced enough to make films for us.

Sandy found out about what I had done for this girl and she thanked me and told me I had done a very good thing! This brought us even closer.

It was after a very torrid session I had been filming where Sandy had been gangbanged by 6 men that something happened which changed us both. She had just been cleaned up after the gangbang and had returned to the set for a couple of retakes when she sat down beside me, naked as usual, and started talking. She said, "Greg, I guess you must get very frustrated having to watch me getting fucked so often and I have always wondered what you do to relieve yourself. I never seem to see you going to the bathroom to jerk off so I thought you wouldn't mind if I asked you, as a friend." I was quite taken back by her honest question. It was quite true I developed an erection every, yes every, time Sandy was lying naked on the set and when she was fucked so beautifully by all of these men. I told her the truth. I just put up with the erection during working hours and when I got home to my lonely apartment, I jerked off thinking constantly of her! She seemed thrilled to hear me say I jerked off thinking of her. She then surprised me a lot when she said, "Have you ever wondered how I feel when I am getting fucked by all of these men! I must admit every now and again I feel good when a particularly good fuck occurs but these are not very often. I don't have any favorite men stars and just take each man as he comes". (I smiled because I thought she meant as he cums, but she passed that off without realizing she had made a slip). She then confided in me that she was always very frustrated when she was fucked on set. She told me she rarely cums when on the set but gets quite worked up and gets close but is always left high and dry without cumming herself. She said the men have to pull out before they cum to show they are actually shooting their cum but that just leaves us women very frustrated. I guess I thought she would cum every time she was fucked! I was wrong!

There was a break scheduled before the next session and that would start in 20 minutes. Sandy and I continued to talk and she started telling me all about her early life before she became a porn star. I really enjoyed her company and the time slipped by very quickly. When she was called for the next shoot she stood up and looked at the printed schedule about what she had to do next. This scene called for her to be fucked by a very large black man after she had sucked his cock. She grinned at me and told me she really enjoyed this man because of his size but he would leave her very frustrated because she would always get close to cumming when he fucked her but he always pulled out before she could reach her own orgasm. I told her it looked each time as though she had reached her orgasm but she laughed and told me she was an actress as well as a porn star.

Soon the preliminaries were out of the way and it was time for Sandy to be fucked by Leon. Leon had the largest cock on the set - it was at least 11 inches long and quite thick. Leon was in great demand and every girl in the business wanted him to fuck her but he was smart and limited himself to only 3 girls in any one session. He reckoned that stopped him from getting tired. Anyway Sandy was spread out on her back on the bed and Leon was ready to plunge his hard, long cock into her cunt. We had been rolling film for several minutes as he had been licking her cunt and clit before this moment of insertion. Well, he pushed his meat right into her cunt and was soon fucking her really hard. I watched her face and she was contorting her face muscles as he was pounding into her. She certainly looked as though she had cum but I was able to see, after she had told me what happened to her, that she was obviously faking it.

At last the scene was to finish and Leon pulled his huge cock out of her cunt and aimed it up at her face. When he came he really showed how much he had in his balls. He shot a huge load up over her tits and almost all of it landed on her face, much of it entering her open mouth. The director called "Cut" and the scene was finished. Sandy continued to lie on her back with her legs still spread very widely. I was able to look closely at her cunt and could see her tiny lips were still wide open. Sandy had almost no cunt lips extending out of her body - she is very neat and tidy there and looks wonderful. She beckoned me over to her and asked me what I thought of the scene she had just shot. I told her candidly that it was really excellent and she still looked beautiful just lying there so exposed to me. She asked me if I thought she had reached an orgasm during the scene and, now more wise than before, I told her it certainly looked as though she had cum but I suspected she hadn't. She told me I was correct - she hadn't cum but was now so frustrated she felt like crawling up the wall.

Sandy then asked me a question which at first shocked me. She said, "Greg, are you disgusted with me because I allow myself to be fucked for porno movies? Do you think any less of me because of what I do? Despite the fact I have just been fucked by another man, would you consider fucking me now to give me an orgasm and thereby be able to relieve some of the considerable pressure which is in me right now?" My first reaction was of complete surprise but I answered her as truthfully as I could. I said, "Sandy, I have admired you and your body ever since I met you. Over this time I have watched you being fucked by all of these men and I have felt a jealousy steadily growing within me. I know why you are fucking all these men and I can understand that but it still makes me very unhappy watching other men enjoy your body. I have always wished it could be me who was making love to you! Sandy, as much as I would love to fuck you I just wouldn't be able to do that however, I would be very delighted to be able to make love to you and if you reach an orgasm while I am loving you, then I would be even happier. Although we have never even embraced, I feel I love you in my own way - yes, I would be very pleased to make love to you!"

Tears actually swelled up in Sandy's eyes as I said my piece. She hadn't moved her body and still had her legs spread widely apart although she had wiped the cum off her face and body. She held up her arms to me and asked me to make love to her! The set had completely cleared and we were the only people left there.

Now with privacy available to us, I quickly slipped off all of my clothes and moved over onto the bed alongside Sandy. Instead of plunging my cock into her cunt, I opted to hold her gently and to kiss her lovely lips. She returned the kiss and we embraced for several minutes. Still holding her close, I reached down with my hand and began caressing her body. I stroked her legs, her thighs, her belly and her pubic bush all before I began stroking the lips of her lovely cunt. I found she was very wet, but I put that down to all the excitement of being fucked by Leon so recently. I found her clit and I massaged that until I could feel her trembling against my body. With a couple more deep kisses I slowly moved my body between her legs and she grasped my hard cock. It wasn't all that long compared with Leon but I still had about 8 inches and I was very proud of that! I was amazed how slowly she moved my cock until it was gently touching the tiny lips of her cunt.

She moved it up and down before she placed it right in between her lips and I pushed gently and I slid inside of this lovely woman I had grown to love so much. I slowly began sliding my cock in and out of her beautiful body. Her arms were around me and her legs entwined with mine as she pulled me deeply into her body. We made love for perhaps 6 minutes before she started to quiver with excitement. This continued as she was obviously reaching her orgasm. I suddenly felt her stiffen and she came for the first time. She clenched her pussy walls as she came and I had some difficulty holding back my own orgasm. I almost stopped pumping into her as she came down off the orgasm. She looked up at my face and whispered, "Thank you, darling, that was wonderful!" I reached over and kissed her lips as our tongues met through our open mouths. After about another minute of pumping into her body, she came again. In all, she came 5 times before I couldn't hold back any longer and I pumped really fast and hard and shot an enormous load of cum into her lovely cunt! She reached another orgasm as I poured my cum into her and then she hugged me tightly and began crying.

She cried with huge sobs and tears were flowing steadily. I asked her if she was alright and she said, "Darling, that was the first time anyone has made love to me. Even when I first had sex with boys and later men, they always fucked me - they never made love to me! I love you!" I was amazed how long my cock stayed hard inside her body. At last it started to wilt and then plopped out of her but we continued to hold each other very close and kiss passionately. We laid there for at least 10 minutes just holding and kissing each other. Her crying had almost stopped when we at last broke our embrace. I thanked her for letting me make love to her and told her that I now knew I loved her. We both left the bed and headed for the showers. We showered together and washed each other using the soap and our hands to give us an opportunity to caress each other more. We didn't attempt to make love again, content with the knowledge we had already done that before the shower.

There was no more shooting required for that day and so we were both free to leave the studio. I offered to drive Sandy home and she willingly accepted. When we reached her apartment she told me to park the car in her vacant parking spot and after the car was locked securely we headed for her apartment. Once inside we began embracing again and were hugging and kissing like young teenagers. She led me to the bedroom where she began undressing. She asked me if I would like to make love to her again and naturally I told her it would be my total pleasure. Soon we were naked and embraced more and began a long session of foreplay before I actually made love to her again. Making love to Sandy was so wonderful I thought I was in heaven!

Sandy had several orgasms while we were making love and again I had a difficult time holding back my own orgasm. When I finally came in her I just couldn't believe how excited she was and how much she had obviously enjoyed the love making. I stayed the night with Sandy. During the time we were together we got to know each other very intimately and enjoyed each other's bodies. We made love to each other several times and vowed our love for each other.

Eventually we were both exhausted from the love making and dropped off to sleep in each other's arms. I was one of the most delightful sensations waking up with Sandy holding me in her arms. She had one hand on my cock and was stroking it ever so gently - just enough to give me an erection. I told her I loved her but would have to visit the bathroom before I could make love to her again. She laughed and we went to the bathroom together. It seemed to be such an intimate moment with the two of us being in the presence of the other as we peed in the bowl. I knew there was true love between us and we hurried back to the bed where we made love again. After showering and breakfast, we headed back to the studio.

We walked into the studio holding hands like a love-sick pair of teenagers. Steve was surprised to see us together but he smiled and patted us both on the back and told us "Good on you - you deserve each other - you are two of my beautiful people!"

Perhaps the hardest thing I had to do that morning when the filming started was to watch my darling Sandy being fucked by other men! At every opportunity when the filming paused, she would look over at me and smile. I could see the irony of my love lying on a bed with a man's hard cock in her cunt as she smiled over at me and told me she loved me! We were together at every break in the filming and although we certainly didn't make love at the studio we still were able to express our thoughts for each other.

I told Sandy just how hard it had been for me to have to watch other men fuck her. I also told her I realized she was not in love with them and this was really a business we were operating and although it was difficult for me, I was able to accept it! She hugged me and we later we left the studio together.

We again went back to her apartment where we made love again for most of the night. We both vowed our love for each other and we both realized we were headed for a romance of great proportions. I asked Sandy if she wanted to move in with me - or rather if she wanted me to move in with her! She told me we would have to think carefully about this because she didn't want me to move in and then find I couldn't accept her fucking other men for her business.

Thinking about it all we decided we would only spend every second night together. We would stay apart on the other nights and see how we fared with this arrangement. It was very hard leaving Sandy at her apartment and going home to mine but we did it. Sandy still wasn't convinced it would work and so we changed the arrangement so that I only spent one night each week with Sandy and I had to go home every other night. I can tell you I jerked my cock a lot during the times we were apart but I managed to accept she was fucking other men and I could live with that!

At last Sandy told me I could move in with her completely and we would now be lovers. I was so thrilled and quickly moved my few possessions into her apartment. On her suggestion I didn't quit my apartment but we kept the lease on that "just in case" as she called it.

After 6 months of living together and loving Sandy more and more each day (if that is possible) I asked her to marry me! She was very hesitant at first and although she was now satisfied I could allow her to fuck other men for business she still had some lingering doubts how long I could accept that.

I struck an arrangement with Sandy. I told her I wanted to marry her. I told her to accept my engagement ring and to wear it whenever she wasn't filming. I told her I wouldn't ask her again to marry me but would leave that entirely up to her. When she felt we loved each other enough to marry then we would go ahead but in the meantime we would still be lovers and see what happened.

Well, after another seemingly long 4 months, Sandy told me, during a very intimate moment, that she was now ready to marry me. I was just so thrilled and hugged her and, as we were in the process of making love anyway, I really showed her how much I loved her!

We were married quietly with only a few friends witnessing our ceremony. Steve was there and a number of the men who had worked with her as the porno stars. They were just as thrilled for us as I was for her!

We settled down to married life - not very much different to what we had been doing for the past number of months but there was something binding in our love now that we were married and we seemed much closer than before.

Sandy continued to work as a porno star but she cut down the time she was working and now only worked with a few select men. I still do the filming and I still get huge erections as she is being fucked by the other men, but I know at the end of the day when we go home, that I can make love to her and that is something the other men can't do! I am a very lucky man!

We have agreed that soon she will give up the porno business completely and we will start a family. I am so thrilled all of the porno work hasn't had a lasting effect on Sandy. I love her very much. She is such a sweet and loving wife.

-the end-