Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Friends

She awoke to explosions and light flashing into the room. There were fireworks just outside the window, signalling in the New Year. She looked to the clock and sure enough it read 00:02. She was lying on a double bed, the sticky sheets only half covering her naked body, it was a little chilly given the time of year but she didn't care. The body of another naked female was pressed into her front and was keeping her warm. That’s when she noticed the subtle but unmistakable aroma of Womanly juices in the air and the memories of how she became to be in this situation flooded back. She snaked a hand down to her sparsely haired pussy. Her fingers circling her hard, aching clit, she gasped and her pussy leaked juices all over her fingers and thighs as in her mind, she went over every intricate detail that had lead her to this very moment.

Anna was an overall average and plain girl of just fifteen. She liked music but it depended on the song itself not the Genre, age or name of the band, she could listen to heavy metal then straight after listen to a classical or rap song. Anna had shoulder length blonde hair, mostly put up in a ponytail, complementing it with stylish glasses that framed her sea-blue eyes, on occasion, for longer distances. Anna was average height, weight and at a 34B average breast size too.

Anna was in 9th grade at Stevenson junior high. She wasn’t exactly the most popular, she wasn’t picked on or bullied or anything but she wasn’t talked to/about much either. Anna was known by most of the student body and teachers alike. The populars and outcasts greeted her and were nice to her but she wasn’t invited into any clique or social group.

Anna had one or two close friends; Amethyst, her best, was a good looking, free spirited and down to earth girl. She was into punk, Goth and heavy metal music. She was an inch or two taller than Anna and her chest was a comfortable 36C. Amethyst had dyed purple hair down to mid back and brown eyes. She was quite slim but not anorexic like most of the girls in the school and was slightly larger than Anna in weight.
Amethyst was openly bisexual having found girls a turn on for as long as she could remember. She found boys attractive too and reasoned that neither one was better than the other, it was just different. “Sometimes a change of pace does a girl good” as she put it. Anna on the other hand was still a virgin, preferring instead to focus on her studies and really hadn’t given much thought about the opposite sex let alone the added complications of same sex relationships or sexual encounters. That’s not to say she did not notice the occasional good looking person. Anna masturbated when her studies allowed, yet no fantasies shone through, her mind rather blank as she concentrated solely on getting off.

It was the day Stevenson junior high broke up for the Christmas holidays, Anna and Amethyst were talking by their lockers.
“Okay so, New Years Eve, I’m having a Slumber party. You, Liss, Angie, Ashley and Debbie are invited.” Amethyst said as she opened her locker and gave Anna a proper invite, printed on a card, with an RSVP on it. Anna filled it out and handed it back to her. Amethyst turned around to put it back in her locker while taking out her books for her next two lessons and putting them in her bag.
“You know I’ll be there, Ame.” Anna said, with a smile playing on her lips. To her surprise she caught herself checking out her best friend. What the hell was I just doing? Ame could have turned around at any second! She chastised herself, but she had to admit Amethyst’s womanly features did look good.

The rest of the day took forever to finish for the girls, as did the next two or so weeks until New Years Eve. Through telephone conversations and one or two trips to the mall, Anna had learned that the others wouldn’t be coming due to their families already having plans that day. Finally the day had come; both girls spent hours getting ready. Anna made her way to Amethysts’ rather expensive house with three bedrooms and another two due to a recent loft conversion. She turned up at around six and after being invited inside; the girls went into the den to watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

“Oh my God, Johnny Depp is fucking hot!” Amethyst said, biting her lip, looking longingly at the television.
“Naa, he’s too old, I personally prefer Orlando Bloom. Speaking of which, I think we should watch ‘Lord of the Rings’ when this is over.” Anna responded sitting up, looking for the DVD she had brought with her, ready for when this film ended.
“Ugh! You’re such a geek, Anna.” Amethyst said, quoting the first thing she had ever said to Anna. Both girls started laughing, looking back on how they became best friends. Reminiscing, Anna looked over at Amethyst who was lying on her stomach, butt moving from side to side as she waved her feet in the air, her chin resting lazily in her hands as she watched the screen. Anna’s initial thoughtful gaze turning lusty as she began to check Amethyst out again, her eyes drawn to her womanly flared hips and rounded ass. Anna licked her lips as her pulse quickened.

That’s when it happened, the event that sparked a series of events leading both girls to Amethyst’s double bed; Amethyst turned to see her best friend’s face looking lustily, licking her lips and staring at her ass. Amethyst blushed slightly, flattered at the attention; a smile crept onto her lips as she started to undress Anna with her eyes. Anna glanced up to Amethyst’s face, seeing Amethyst’s eyes at her breasts and slowly working down, both their pussies started to tingle and a flush of colour dyed their throats and upper chest.

“Have you ever wondered what it was like to kiss someone, Anna?” Amethyst asked. Her voice was husky and thicker than usual and she began to move.
“Yes, sometimes--” Anna was unable to finish her sentence because Amethyst practically lunged at her, lips meeting lips as she kissed Anna hard, passionately and hungrily. Anna was about to pull away before it hit her, this felt right. Deep down, this was what she really wanted and hesitated only briefly to determine that before meeting her friends kiss with a sloppy one that lacked technique but certainly made up for it In passion. Tongues slid to meet tongues sensually, in a time old dance as Anna began to learn the ropes.

By the time their Hands started to caress and explore each other’s bodies, the girls where in a world of their own where the only thing that mattered, that existed, was the person whose tongue was spiralling gracefully around her own and whose hands where sliding sensually over her breasts and ass. They finally leapt apart to the sounds of someone coming down the stairs. They lied down on their stomachs after straightening their clothes and wiping their mouths. By the time the owner of the footsteps was in the room they looked perfectly normal again.

“Dinner’s ready” Amethyst’s hippy mom, April, said. She stood in the doorway looking in on the two girls who were on their stomachs chins resting on palms, seemingly engrossed in the television screen.
“Okay, mom, there’s only 5 minutes left to go on the film, can we watch it quickly first?” “Sure, just be up in the kitchen by eight.” With that, April had left the room and made her way back up the stairs.
“That was close!” Anna exclaimed quietly, secretly very turned on by the prospect of getting caught.
“No kidding. If I did get caught though, I would prefer it to be by mom, she already knows I like girls.”
“Yeah but our moms go shopping together and I’m not sure I like the sound of your mom telling mine what she saw us doing, I mean I’m not even sure what I like yet, Ame.” Anna confessed, still a little flushed. Amethyst knew exactly what her friend was going through, having gone through that phase before; she stroked her arm for a few minutes, smiling warmly.
“Did you like that?” Amethyst asked, referring to the kiss. She glanced at the clock noting it was 7:58 and looked into her best friend’s eyes again.

“Yes I did, I enjoyed it very much.” Anna said. She also looked at the clock but Anna did it to get away from her friends penetrating, invasive and ravenous gaze. They both stood and walked to the stairs to go get their dinner and unsuccessfully escape the awkwardness that quickly descended upon the pair.
The way Amethyst looked at Anna made her feel like a piece of meat in a butcher window and she didn’t like it at all. Even the kiss left her with many questions about herself, was she a lesbian? If so, how would she go about it? If not, why did she enjoy the kiss so much? Bisexuality hadn’t even crossed her mind, even though Amethyst had talked about it many times during school and slumber parties. Amethyst had even snogged one or two girls in front of Anna. All these questions burned in her mind like a thousand hot pokers, confusing her and accounting for at least 90% of the awkwardness.

Dinner was a quiet affair neither saying much to the other as Anna was trying to make sense of what was going on and formulate a plan. Afterwards, Amethyst suggested they move the party to her room, once the door was closed, Anna had reasoned that there may never be a chance like this to discover more about herself ever again so she would grab it with both hands-or Amethyst rather- and kiss her deeply, having learned quickly from her first kiss barely an hour ago. Writhing under Anna’s surprise attack, Amethyst finally got her bearings and grabbed and kissed her back with raw female sensuality, shoving and pinning Anna against her purple painted wall, strewn with band posters and hot male actors taken from magazines. A few fell to the floor, exposing bare purple wall.

Anna pushed Amethyst back to her bed, ripping off their tops and straddling her, kissing her so hard, their lips hurt, Anna’s new-found lust overflowed as she ground her crotch down on Amethyst’s abdomen, bra cups rubbing over each other, eliciting moans from both girls. Anna’s fingers fumbled on the buttons of Amethyst’s jeans, they finally popped open and Anna would have ripped them off if it wasn’t for their positioning. Anna noticed Amethyst wore a purple, lacy thong. Amethyst slipped off Anna’s tight jogging bottoms almost with ease, admiring her white French briefs and ran a finger along the soaking wet gusset. The tip of her finger was now coated in Anna’s juices, she wanted, no, needed to taste Anna right that very second. She broke off the kiss, inhaling Anna’s scent then slipped it into her mouth. Anna tasted so good, Amethyst groaned and went in for seconds, kissing her in the meantime, allowing Anna to taste her slightly salty-sweet, musky flavour.

Anna found she loved the taste of pussy, even if it was her own. She ripped Amethyst’s bra from her torso, snapping the plastic clasp in her haste to get the juicy breasts in the open air. Anna trailed kisses down from her new lover’s lips to her boobs, instinctively sucking her bullet-like nipples into her mouth and lashing them with her tongue while mashing her crotch on Amethysts thigh. Amethyst was letting out little mewling sounds as the girl sucked and licked on her nipples.

Amethyst slipped a hand into Anna’s briefs, touching her pussy skin to skin for the first time. Her pubic hairs tickled Amethyst’s hand as she ground the top of her palm, on Anna’s clit, her fingers circling her tight, wet opening. The briefs gave her limited manoeuvrability but it was enough to get Anna moaning and quivering into her breasts, sending vibrations through Amethyst’s nipples. She removed the pesky movement restricting briefs. Amethyst gasped seeing Anna’s pussy for the first time.

Amethyst switched positions, laying Anna on her back; she crawled between her legs, spread her pussy lips and dived in head first. Anna’s scent was driving her insane with lust, Amethyst couldn’t remember wanting a woman more in her entire life. Her tongue touched down on Anna’s heavenly tasting pussy, licking at the source of her juices first, slipping her tongue in all the way, making it squirm inside her as she channelled the juices into her mouth, she then withdrew her tongue and licked upwards. Amethyst took Anna’s clitoris into her mouth and sucked that little flesh button and lapped at it while she slipped a hand down to remove her own panties, she slipped them below her thighs and kicked them off.

Anna was out of her mind, the sensations overwhelmed her; she had ripped off her own bra in desperation so she could pleasure her own nipples. Her best friends tongue was driving her insane, she could feel it, like when the shore draws back rapidly, really far before a tsunami, then, with the full force of a Tsunami, she came, the orgasm ripping through her body like nothing she had ever felt before. Anna let out a guttural shout and gripped her best friend’s hair, forcing Amethysts face to her pulsating pussy; she came again and again, soaking Amethysts face before passing out.

Anna awoke to the feel of something warm, wet and smooth crushed against her face and a very familiar moaning, she opened her mouth to breathe because her nose was being blocked and tasted pussy, realising what Amethyst was doing, Anna grabbed Amethyst’s hips and took long licks up and down her pussy, unsure of what exactly would give her friend the sensations she experienced, as her tongue bumped into Amethysts’ clit Anna heard her moan harder so she focused her tongue lashing efforts there.
Amethyst was going crazy; her best friend was clumsy but very enthusiastic which definitely made up for Anna’s clumsiness, her hips were bucking all over Anna’s face so hard that she was having difficulty getting a proper lungful of air, nevertheless she kept on licking and sucking Amethyst’s pussy until she grabbed handfuls of bedding and groaning long and loud, she felt the familiar tingling speeding up with Anna’s Tongue.

“Cum for me, Ame!” Anna almost shouted, forgetting that there were people downstairs. Anna’s words sent Amethyst over the edge, her hips bucked more violently as she came, her groan reaching a crescendo as the tingling exploded all over her body. Her toes curled and she clutched the bedding for dear life, falling forwards, she landed with her head on a pillow, panting hard. She looked down at the girl who gave her one of the best orgasms of her young life.

‘“Never done this before” my ass, that’s the fastest anyone’s ever made me cum!” said Amethyst, Anna simply beamed with delight at the praise and said with a giggle, “We look a mess.” Anna couldn’t see herself, as there were no mirrors facing her, but, judging by Amethyst, her statement was correct. Amethyst chuckled, looking in a mirror, she groaned, her hair was a mess and she had Anna’s pussy juices all over her mouth. Amethyst really didn’t want to be seen like this so she got up, opened her door and shouted downstairs “Mom! Me and Anna are going to bed, we are both tired.” Amethyst hoped this would work but was unsure because she knew her mother had gone out to buy fireworks especially for tonight. “Ame! I went all the way to the mall in the next state to get these from the specialist fireworks place! ... Fine look out your bedroom window before you go then!”

“Okay mom, thanks!” Amethyst locked her door, turned out the light and pulled Anna to the window, they saw April carting out 3 big boxes of different kinds of fireworks. The girls watched the exploding pretty colours light up the sky like rainbow lightning for over half an hour before one box was gone and April headed inside. Both girls headed for the bed, slipping inside the sticky sheets, scooting close to each other they kissed once more before falling asleep, the last time either girl remembered seeing read on the clock was 21:17.

-the end-

Saturday, November 19, 2011

On The Farm

Every summer, our family took a trip to visit our relatives on their farm. It was a trip that my sister and I looked forward to every year. For two weeks, we basically had the run of the land with little or no supervision. We got to explore all of the barns, watch the animals, and swim in the creek that flowed through the pasture. Usually there were other visiting kids to play with as well.

This year, my cousin Amber was visiting from New York City. It was her first trip out to the farm and it took her a while to get used to the fact that our here on the farm, there was no cell phones, no internet, and no cable TV to occupy her time. Depriving a teenage girl of these “necessities” of live could be devastating. It was actually my sister Sarah who convinced her that it was possible to survive for two weeks in this rural desert.

The next day, it was a very hot and sunny day. All three of us decided to cool off my going down to the creek for a swim. When we were stripping off our clothes to get to the suits underneath, I noticed that Amber was wearing a relatively skimpy pink bikini. Unlike the traditional one-piece suit that Becky was wearing, the bikini clearly looked like something designed more for sunbathing than for swimming. Whenever Amber would jump or splash, her tits would lurch, barely restrained by the thin piece of fabric trying their best to restrain them.

Did I mention that Amber was quite an attractive young thing? Maybe this trip can get even more interesting.

Becky must have noticed my interest in Amber since she murmured so only I could hear, “Aren’t you glad you’re wearing a loose pair of trunks, eh, Chad?”

After a few minutes, Amber got out of the water and sat down on a blanket on the shore. Maybe she realized her suit wasn’t all that safe for bounding about in the water. I saw that as an opportunity and sat down next to her.

“So, have you adjusted to life on the farm yet?” I asked Amber.

“Not really,” she sighed. “I mean, I guess the farm is kinda interesting, but I feel so out of touch with the real world.”

“We’ll keep you so busy showing you things around here that you won’t have time to think about the rest of the world,” I promised. “We can go see the animals over in the barn later. Then you can really understand the meaning of the phrase, ‘hung like a horse,’” I laughed.

At this comment, Amber turned about as pink as her bikini. I hadn’t counted on that strong of a reaction and hoped I hadn’t pushed things too far. Before I could change the topic to something safer, Amber quietly said, “It’s not just an expression?”

I chuckled; hoping to make it sound like it was no big deal. “No, it’s pretty literal. Why don’t we go down to the barn tonight and take a look?”

Suddenly, I hear Becky say from behind me, “That sounds like a good idea. Let’s all go. We can sit up in the hayloft and watch the animals come in without them disturbing us.”

I shot Becky an annoyed glance at her comment. So much for getting Amber alone for a while. I tried not to look disappointed as Amber asked, “So the animals won’t be able to bite us?”

“Nope, they’ll be on the ground floor. We can watch in safety,” Becky assured Amber.

That decided it for Amber. “Okay, after dinner?”

“That’s when a lot of them come back in from the pasture,” I said.

“What was that all about?” I demanded as I burst into Becky’s room back at the farm?

“I was just trying to help you out, Chad,” Becky calmly answered, almost like she was trying to ignore me.

“How is inviting yourself on our private outing, ‘helping?’” I asked angrily.

“I know what you were trying to do and I know you want to fuck her, but in case you hadn’t noticed, she’s not like most of those easy girls you dated from school”, Becky explained patiently.

“Easy?” I asked.

“Yep. I know you’re good at getting the girls to spread their legs for you by the second date, but most of those chicks would give it to almost anyone who asked.”

“Well, I know you weren’t terribly patient with Andrew yourself,” I struck back. Practice was cancelled one day after school and I came home early. When I got home, instead of finding an empty house like I expected, I found Becky lying on her back on the living room couch and Andrew on top of her pushing his cock in and out of her pussy.

“I love the double standard you set between my exploits and yours,” huffed Becky. “Anyway, I don’t disapprove of your conquests – I said I was trying to help.”


“I doubt Amber would have agreed to go with you alone, and if she did, it’s likely she’d bolt if you tried anything serious. If I’m there, I think she’ll be a little more relaxed.”

“Maybe…” I slowly said.

“Besides, she’s here for two more weeks, just like us. There should be plenty of time for your private rendezvous later.”

“I guess you’re right,” I sighed.

After dinner, the three of us headed out to the barn and climbed up the ladder to the hayloft. Amber and Becky were chatting away as they found a spot near the edge of the loft. After looking around for a little while, Becky knelt down declaring, “Here we go. We can see from the pasture entrance all the way into the pens from here.”

Amber sat down next and I sat down so that Amber was between Becky and me. At first, there wasn’t much to see. For a while, there wasn’t much to see – we just looked at the cows milling about and the cats that live in the barn dodging in and out of cover.

Then I saw the event I was waiting for. A large stallion that I knew was visiting the farm slowly sauntered into the barn entrance. As it got closer, the angle to watch it got better and you could see its member hanging long and think from underneath its body. When Becky got a good view of it, she whispered something to Amber and pointed towards the horse. I could hear Amber give a sharp gasp. I glanced over at Amber and saw that her gaze was locked onto that horse. Her breathing was more rapid and I could see her breasts rise and fall under her shirt. “Wow…” she sighed quietly.

“First time seeing a horse’s cock?” I asked Amber quietly. Becky gave me a sharp glance at my comment but didn’t say anything. Amber’s gaze was still fixed on the horse. I’m not sure she even heard me anyway.

“How does it…” Amber asked as she glanced down to her lap.

Becky put her arm around Amber protectively as she reassured her, “It’s the right size for the horse. It does look impressive though.”

“If there were any mares around in the barn, you might get to see him use it,” I said, wondering what effect that sight would have on her.

A few moments passed by. “Are…” Amber started, uncertain if she should continue. Becky motioned her forward and Amber whispered the rest of the question in her ear.

“Yes, all horses have ones that large,” smiled Becky.

“No, I meant…” stammered Amber.

“Well, you’d have to ask Chad about that,” replied Becky. “Are you ‘hung like a horse?’” she asked me.

My cock is slightly above average, at least based on what I’ve seen in the gym locker room, but I’m not match for a horse of course. Putting on my best face, I say, “Well, I’m no match for a horse…”

At this point, Becky and Amber are sitting next to each other, turned to face across from me. I could see Amber’s gaze drop down towards my shorts and if you looked carefully, you could see the slight bulge where my hardening cock was showing.

Becky leaned close to Amber and asked, “Did you want to see his for comparison?”

I could tell by her reaction that her shyness was warring with her curiosity. Another reassuring caress from Becky was apparently all that was needed to make her feel secure enough to timidly say, “Okay.”

I undid the snap on my shorts and lowered the zipper. I reached in with one hand and pushed the waistband of my undies down and pulled my cock out over the top. It was quite hard at this point and the handling caused a small drop of liquid to appear at the tip. When I removed my hands, my cock was standing proudly at attention as I sat cross-legged on the floor.

Amber leaned forward slightly to get a better look. She seemed to be studying it carefully, noting the veins running up the side, seeing the large head at the top of the cock and how it twitched in time with my heartbeat. “What do you think,” I asked softly.

Amber sat straight back up as the question snapped her out of her reverie. She glanced back down into the barn and then back at my member and said, “Not as large.”

“Yes, but the right size for us girls,” Becky said. I noticed at this point that Becky seemed to be taking quite an interest in my cock as well. I found myself wondering how mine compared to Andrew’s.

Hoping that Amber would be caught up enough in the mood, I asked, “What about my turn?”

“Hmmm…” asked Amber.

“Well, you got to see me. Do I get to see you?” I asked hopefully.

Amber got that uncertain “deer in the headlights” look, but Becky quickly answered, “That only seems fair. We can let you see our tits. Okay, Amber?” Becky started to lift her shirt up towards her neck.

Amber still looked a little uncertain, but watched as Becky got her shirt bunched up under her neck, revealing a plain, white bra. Honestly, I had never really looked at my sister sexually before, not even when I walked in on her and Andrew (although that scene did make me realize that she wasn’t my “little sister” anymore) but I found this strip-tease quite exciting. Becky’s tits weren’t as large as Amber’s, but they had a nice shape to them.

As Becky reached behind her towards the clasp of her bra, she glanced over at Amber and repeated, “Okay?”

Amber definitely looked uncertain, but after seeing Becky exposing herself, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and slowly raised it up. As her shirt rose, Amber’s larger tits came into view. She was wearing a lacy bra that revealed quite a bit of cleavage on the top of her mounds. I definitely liked the view, although I tried not to stare. It helped that I could look back and forth between the two pairs on display.

At this point, Becky unsnapped the clasp and her bra fell free down her arms. Her perky tits hung free, suspended nicely on their own straight out from her chest. Right in the middle was a small, pointy nipple that hardened from exposure to the air. I found myself whistling appreciatively as Becky reached up, pushed the bottom of her tits up and together then let go so they would bounce back into place. She said, “Like what you see, Chad?”

As I started to say something about how beautiful she looked when Amber suddenly got up, her shirt falling back into place, and said, “I can’t do this,” as she rushed towards the steps leading down and out of the barn.

I watched her leave then turned back towards Becky. I watched as Becky put her bra back into place and covered up again. “I guess that’s a good start,” Becky said. “You might want to cover that back up before we head back inside,” she said, motioning at my cock that was still hanging out.

That night in bed, I knew I had to give my cock some relief after all of the teasing it got during the day. As I rubbed my hand up and down, I found myself thinking just as much about Becky’s body as I did Amber’s. I retraced the events in the barn, and imagined how they might have continued if Amber hadn’t left, but it was Becky that I was picturing, her tits hanging down in front of her, that was in my mind when I exploded all over the bed. It had been quite a while since I’d come that hard.

As I lay there, enjoying the aftermath, I wondered what would happen after Amber had a chance to think over today. Would she be scared away by us, or would she gather her courage. I also wondered why Becky seemed so interested in helping me seduce Amber.

The next day, Amber showed no sign that anything happened last night at all, although I didn’t get to see much of her. She and Becky went into town together to do some shopping. That evening after dinner, Amber came over to me and Becky as we were finishing up the dishes. “I’d like…, I mean…,” she started. After taking a breath, she quietly said, “Can we go to the barn again?”

Inside, I was thrilled, but I tried to keep my enthusiasm from showing too much. “That’s fine with me.”

Amber looked over at Becky. From her look, it was clearly only okay with her if Becky came along too. Becky didn’t hesitate though. “Me too. Let’s go,” she said, giving Amber a pat on the back.

All three of us went back out to the barn and climbed back into the loft. Most of the animals were back in at this point and the horse we saw yesterday was milling around one part of the barn, grazing on some hay. From this angle, his cock was clearly visible hanging down and Amber’s gaze was fixated on it again. Every now and then, she would glance back towards me, as if comparing what she saw, and after a few minutes, I could see her start to squirm a little bit as she was crouching.

“Could… can…,” started Amber, but then she turned to Becky and whispered something in her ear.

Becky smiled and said, “She’d like to see yours again. Just for comparison, of course.”

“Of course,” I smiled back. I was hoping she remembered what happened last night and knew what I’d expect in return. “But tonight, I think it’s time for you ladies to start first. Seems only fair, right?”

I think Amber had been expecting that. “Okay…” she said hesitantly, looking over at Becky for reassurance. She still sat still, like she was waiting for Becky to make the first move.

Becky didn’t disappoint. She quickly raised her shirt up and over her head, her breasts one again bouncing in the cups of her bra. Seeing as Amber still hadn’t moved, she reached over and grabbed her blouse and pulled it over her head in one swift motion.

Amber sat there, shocked for a moment, before instinctively crossing her hands over her ample bosom. As I tried to get a better look, Becky interrupted saying, “Okay, stud. It’s your turn next.”

Thinking it was only fair; I undid the snap at the top of my shorts and pulled them down. The bulge in my underwear that had already formed was clearly visible – something that did not escape the notice of the girls. While they were admiring the view, I also pulled my shirt off and tossed it into the pile with my shorts. I lay back slightly into the hay to give the girls a better view and said, “Your turn now.”

Again, Becky was the first one to act, reaching behind her back and undoing the clasp on her bra. Just like yesterday, her breasts held their own as the bra fell free. She then gave an encouraging glance to Amber.

Amber sat for a moment and then slowly reached back. Her bra snapped open, letting her breasts fall freely. Being larger, they sagged a bit as they lost the support of her bra, but they were still a nice round shape. Unlike Becky’s tiny, pink nipples, Amber’s ample breasts were crowned with a larger nipple, centered in a larger, darker areola. If anything, the sight of these hooters made my cock grow even harder. After letting the bra drop to the ground, Amber still held her hands partially obscuring my view.

Becky now glanced in my direction. I wondered who was really running this show, but I decided that I didn’t care. “Okay, ladies, time for the main event,” I said as I stood up and slowly lowered my undies down my legs. My cock bounced up sharply as it was finally released from its prison and bobbed several times, coming to rest pointing straight out from my body.

I heard an audible gasp, coming from Amber I think, when my cock came into view and as I looked up, I saw that she had abandoned any attempt at keeping her body hidden. Instead, her full attention was fixed directly on my cock.

Amber reached her hand out towards me a short distance, and then glanced as Becky, as if asking if it was okay. Asking me apparently never entered into their thoughts, not that I would have minded anyway. Getting the encouraging nod from Becky, Amber crawled the two steps towards me and gently touched the head of my cock with her finger. My cock bounced in response to the gentle push and Amber was transfixed by the sight.

“You can put your hand around it,” I suggested.

Amber glanced up at me, startled as if she had forgotten I could talk. But curiosity overcame her fear and she again reached out her hand, wrapping it around my shaft. “Wow… it’s so warm,” she said to Becky. “And it’s hard and soft at the same time… weird.”

Becky smiled back knowingly. “Try moving your hand up and down the length of it. Guys really like that,” Becky suggested.

Amber nodded and turned her attention back to me. She slid her hand all of the way down towards the base and then slowly back up. Her touch was electrifying, sending a wave of pleasure that followed behind her touch.

While her attention was distracted, I reached out with my hands and slowly cupped Amber’s large breasts in my hand. At first, I gently supported the weight on the bottom. Her tits felt like soft pillows – almost a fluffy feeling that contradicted their size. While I felt a flinch when I first made contact, as my hands enveloped more of the flesh, I could feel Amber lean in slightly, pushing her tits into my hands. I’m not even sure she was aware that I was doing it.

I slowly knelt down next to Amber as my fingers continued their exploration of her chest. I held each breast in my hand, running my thumbs up and across the curve of her tits. I noticed the Amber was breathing in time to my strokes. Her rhythm on my cock also slowed down a little as she seemed to lose focus. After a minute of this, I finally allowed my thumb to graze over her nipples. The reaction was instantaneous – Amber arched her back towards me and gave a loud groan of pleasure. Her hand clamped down on my cock.

At this point, I noticed that Becky was still sitting to the side of us watching. She had her hand inside the waistband of her shorts and it looked like she was rubbing herself off. I gave a small chuckle, glad that she was enjoying the show, while I turned my attention back to Amber. “Do you like how that feels?” I asked her. As she nodded back, I replied, “I can do something that will feel even nicer.”

Without waiting for her response, I lowered my face towards her breasts. My tongue traced a path across the tops of her mounds, then around the bottom curves. Only after making a full circle around the outside did I start liking towards the center. As my lips approached her nipples, I could hear mewing sounds coming from her throat.

Finally, my lips approached their destination as I took the nipple deep into my mouth. Amber let out a shout as my tongue circled around the nipple. I flicked my tongue back and forth across the hard tip and each time, her cry got louder and sharper. After only a few moments of this, Amber’s entire body lurched up towards me and she let out a loud, rhythmic moaning sound. This girl was so hot that she came from only a little sucking on her tits!

After her orgasm subsided, Amber collapsed back into the hay. I started to move over her, reaching for the waistband of her shorts. I had to fuck her now.

Unfortunately, she had other plans. She blocked my hands, gasping, “I think… that’s enough… for now…”

With a clearly disappointed look on my face, Becky said, “That’s not very fair to him.” Becky’s face has a flushed look on it. I’m sure that she got herself off as well. Wondering when the last time she had wondered about “fair” Becky continued, “At least let him come as well.”

“How?” asked Amber.

“Remember how I said that guys really like their cock being stroked? Just keep doing that and he’ll come the same way you did.”

“Like this,” Amber asked as she wrapped her hand around my cock again. Her motion up and down the shaft felt exquisite, but it was irregular.

“You want more of a pumping motion,” Becky said as she moved behind me. I could feel her breasts push into my back as she reached around me to replace Amber’s hands with her own. Becky collected the precum that was leaking liberally from the tip and expertly coated my shaft with it. From the motion of her hand and the way she twisted and used her thumbs, I could tell she’d done this before.

As Becky continued to pump away at me, Amber lay underneath me, watching closely. I knew I wasn’t going to last long under this assault and I could feel myself pass that threshold where there’s no holding back. I warned Amber, “I’m going to come soon…”

Almost as soon as I said that, I felt the familiar release wash through me and the first jolt of sperm came shooting hard out of my cock, splattering on the middle of Amber’s belly. As her eyes widened in shock, a second burst flew out, and a weaker third burst. As the remaining waves of my orgasm swept through me, the last of my cum dribbled out, making a small pile on the ground just in front of her crotch.

Amber stared at amazement – clearly this was the first time she’d actually seen anyone cum before. She put her finger into the glop of cum on her belly, swirling it around to feel the texture and consistency. “This is what makes babies?” she asked.

“Yep. It feels great when it spurts inside of you.”

“You’ve done it before?” Amber asked.

“A few times.” Becky’s gaze seemed lost in reminiscence. “The feeling is indescribable.”

“Want to know what it feels like,” I asked hopefully.

Amber gave a ‘nice try’ smile back and said, “Not tonight. I think we’ve already done enough.” She started to get that self-conscious look back in her face. As she grabbed her bra and blouse, she said, “I’d better get back inside and clean up.”

“I guess we all should,” Becky continued.

The next day, I saw that Amber kept making furtive glances in my direction all day long. I looked for a chance to get alone with her, but never found a chance. With friends visiting the farm this day, there was never a time when I could get some time alone with her.

It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that Becky came over to me and said, “There’s something you’ll find interesting in the barn.” After delivering that message, she trotted off across the yard. It didn’t take me long to follow.

As we got to the base of the ladder to the loft, Becky motioned for quiet as she started climbing up. In the silence, I could hear noises coming from the barn. Just as I got to the top of the ladder, I realized what those sounds were and the view I saw in the loft confirmed my thought.

In the loft, Amber lay on her back. Her blouse was unbuttoned in the front and her bra pulled off her tits. One hand was rubbing and grasping at the exposed breast. The other hand had pulled her skirt completely up to her waist, pulled her panties aside and was rubbing her pussy lips rapidly. Her gaze was focused down into the main barn area where I could hear the sounds of two horses mating.

As I stood on the ladder with just my head poking up wondering how to take advantage of this situation, Becky boldly strode across the loft towards Amber. She was practically next to Amber when she was finally noticed. Becky lay down next to Amber, running her hands over Amber’s tits, softly saying “Watching the horse get a piece of the action.”

I expected Amber to freak out at this point, but instead she looked at Becky with a glazed look in her eye. “What does it feel like, Becky?”

“It’s the best sensation in the world. You feel so full. Getting off is way better than when you do it yourself.” She looked over towards me and said, “Chad knows you’re here too. He can help.”

I could see that Becky was still rubbing Amber’s tits and that Amber hand was still busy in her pussy. The glazed look hadn’t disappeared from her face either, so I slowly climbed into the loft and walked over towards the girls. As I came into view, Amber gave a hungry look at me.

I quickly removed my clothes. While there wasn’t a lot of foreplay for me here, my cock got fully hard at the sight of Amber playing with herself. As I lowered my shorts, Amber’s gaze quickly went from my face to my cock. Her hand was still buzzing in her pussy. “Do you want this inside you?” I asked her.

“Go on,” Becky said to her. Becky’s hands moved lower, joining Amber’s hands on her pussy. Becky grabbed the band of Amber’s panties and pulled them off her legs, exposing her pussy completely to me.

I lay over her, carefully positioning my cock at her entrance, hoping that I could finally get inside of her before she changed her mind. Amazingly, Becky helped line my cock up to her entrance, while saying to Amber in a soft voice, “It will probably hurt a little bit at first, but then it will feel wonderful.”

Amber’s pussy was already completely soaked from her earlier activities. As I gently pushed into her opening, I slipped in easily. Even though she was very wet, it was a tight fit. As my cock inched its way inside her, it met some resistance. I pushed hard and it suddenly gave way, my cock sliding all of the way inside her. Amber stiffened up and let out a loud groan at the penetration that sounded like a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I held my cock in position to let her get used to the size. When I felt her body relax a little, I slowly pulled out of her. Despite how slick she was, I could feel her pussy grabbing onto my cock as it withdrew. When it was almost all of the way out, I reversed course and slowly slid it in. This time, the penetration was rewarded with a low moan of passion from Amber. She had her eyes closed and her face was twisted in an expression of rapture.

I could see Becky still had one hand working over Amber’s tits while I was slowly pushing in and out of her. Becky’s other hand was underneath her dress, presumably simulating what Amber was experiencing. It was very erotic to hear Amber’s gasping at each thrust in time with my sister’s gasps from her finger-fucking.

Amber was very close to the edge even before we came up and it didn’t take much at all for her to explode into a massive orgasm. When I felt it begin, I held my cock deep within her. I could feel the walls of her vagina ripple as the waves of her orgasm coursed through her body.

When she came down from the orgasmic high, she said to Becky, “Oh my God, that was amazing!”

Through her gasping, Becky said, “Wait until you feel him spurt inside you.”

That statement snapped reality back into Amber. “Oh, no! Don’t come in me! I don’t want to get pregnant.”

I thought all girls over the age of 12 were on the pill these days, but apparently not Amber. I realized I really did have to stop. I didn’t want to become a father any more than she wanted to become a mother.

My disappointment must have been clear on my face. “Poor Chad,” said Becky. “Why don’t you shoot it in me instead?” Becky lay back in the hay and peeled her panties down her legs.

I’m sure part of me was thinking that this was my sister asking me to fuck her, but those parts of me weren’t in control at the moment. I pulled out of Amber and moved over to where Becky was lying down. She reached down between us and positioned my cock at her opening. As soon as it was lined up, Becky grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into her. She was just as wet as Amber was and I slid smoothly into her; my cock penetrating all the way inside her.

I started moving in and out of her. With each inward stroke she would push her pelvis up towards me and pull my ass down, squeezing me deep inside her. It didn’t take much of this physical thrusting before I was on the verge. “Here it comes,” I warned her.

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me! Spurt deep inside your little sister!” Becky yelled as she pulled me down even harder. Her dirty talk pushed me over the edge as I thrust has hard and as deep inside her as I could and the first burst of semen jetted out of my cock and filled the inside of her pussy. “Oh!” Becky gasped as she felt it inside her. A second wave followed the first, along with another “Oh!” from Becky. Each spurt from me was matched with another gasp from Becky as she felt each twitch from my cock. Around the fourth or fifth spurt, Becky tensed up as her orgasm came to her. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, pinning me deep inside me, and wriggled her pussy all over my groin. Her gasps changed to a long, continuous groan as the release washed over her as well.

We both just lay together, letting the feeling of our orgasms pass over us. As we came to our senses, we noticed that Amber was still watching us, absently fingering her pussy.

“Wow,” Amber said.

“Yeah,” smiled Becky. “You’ve got to get your problem fixed so you can experience this too.”

I got up, withdrawing from Becky. I could see a flood of sperm flow out of her pussy as I pulled out. “We’d all better get cleaned up before we’re missed.”

When I woke up the next morning, I was still thinking about what had happened last evening. At the time, I didn’t give much thought to the fact that it was my little sister Becky that I was fucking. Now, I was worried about how she would react. I seriously doubted that she would tell anyone about it, but I was worried about what she would think of what happened.

I went down the hall to her bedroom and gave a soft knock on the door. I heard her voice say, “Come in,” so I opened the door and slipped into her room.

Becky was standing on the far side of the bed, with her back to me. She was still wearing the long nightgown that she wore to bed and was going through something in her dresser.

“About yesterday,” I began, unsure of exactly what to say. “I mean… we got a little carried away. You’re my sister and… When we had sex…” Becky was just standing straight up, her back still to me. I couldn’t read her expression and that was making me feel more worried. “It was really good, but I shouldn’t have… I won’t let it happen again.”

“That’s where your wrong, big brother,” Becky said in a level voice. Then she turned around to face me. Her nightgown was completely unbuttoned in front and as she took her first steps towards me, she flung it off her shoulders leaving herself clad in only a pair of white, cotton panties. “I want it to happen again,” she said as she closed the distance between us.

Becky moved next to me, wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled my face down to hers to give me a kiss. This definitely wasn’t a sister-like kiss – her tongue licked around the outside of my lips and then pushed inside to mingle with mine. As she did this, she pushed her body into mine, pushing her breasts against my chest and grinding her groin against my slowly hardening member. This was enough to shock me out of my reverie. I wrapped my hands around her waist, letting them rest of the cups of her ass. Each cheek filled my palm nicely and had just the right amount of firmness and softness.

After a moment, Becky took a half-step back and reached down between us with her hands. She grabbed my shorts and undies together and pushed them down to my feet. As she stood back up, she then grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. Now that I was standing naked before her, she gave an appraising look over my body, definitely liking what she saw, and pulled me over to her bed.

We toppled onto the bed together. Since I didn’t really get a chance to explore her body last night during our frenzied coupling, I took the opportunity now. I leaned down over Becky and resumed our kiss. As my tongue explored her mouth, I took one tit in each hand, slowly running my fingers around the edges. While not as large as Amber’s, they were more firm, holding their shape better and providing a smooth surface to touch. My fingers slowly spiraled from the outside to the center, eventually reaching the small, pink nipple that was poking out of the tips.

While my hands were exploring the curves of Becky’s breasts, I could feel her breath quicken. She would make light mewing noises as I found each tender spot. My kisses moved from her mouth, down her neck and towards the center of her cleavage. As my tongue approached Becky’s nipples, I could feel her arch her back up towards me as she chanted, “Yes, yes…” I suddenly closed my lips completely around her right tit, hungrily devouring the breast in my mouth. I heard an incoherent yelp coming from Becky’s lips as the squirmed beneath me.

As my lips help her tits busy, my hands continued their voyage down her body. I ran them over her flat tummy, briefly tickling her “inny” belly-button, and glided them over her panty-covered mound. I could feel both the heat and wetness emanating from her pussy. I hooked my hands over the edge of her panties and slowly pulled them down. As my hands lowered, my tongue also lowered, tracing a path from her breasts towards her now exposed pussy.

Becky could sense what was coming. “Yes, lick me down there. Lick my pussy,” she directed as my tongue approached its destination. As my hands pulled her panties off her feet, they made their way back up her legs, reaching underneath her to hold her ass. I lifted her rear slightly off the bed, pushing her slit into my waiting tongue. As I made my first lick from the base of her slit, up to her clit, Becky pushed her pussy deeper into my face, yelling, “Yes, lick me there. Lick it harder! Yes!”

I continued, giving a slow lick from the bottom to the top, driving my tongue as deep into her slit as I could, and giving her clit a sharp flick with my tongue at the end of each stroke. Becky enthusiastically cheered on my efforts with her cries. As her motions got more frantic, at the end of a stroke, I took her clit into my mouth and sucked deep inside, flicking my tongue over it repeatedly. “Yes, right there! Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! I’m coming! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Yes!!!” she screamed as her thighs clamped around my face. I could feel a sudden surge of wetness envelop my face as Becky came hard underneath me.

As the waves of orgasm passed, Becky grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up towards her. She had a hungry look in her face. “Now, put that dick of yours deep inside me,” she ordered. I wasn’t going to disagree.

I lined my member up with her steaming hole and as I gazed into her eyes, slowly pushed my way inside. We each gave a contented sigh at the feeling of becoming one. As I lay with my cock fully inside my sister’s pussy, she wrapped her arms and legs around my body, holding me deep inside her.

I moved my cock in and out of her pussy in long, slow, rhythmic strokes. Becky, still wrapped around me, flexed her pelvis with each stroke, heightening the sensation of each withdrawal and penetration. Unlike the frantic fuck the previous day, this was a slow, sensual joining. With each stroke, Becky would give a light, “Yes,” as my cock penetrated into her depths.

After longer than I thought possible, given my state, I could feel my release building and found myself speeding the pace of my strokes up. Becky could sense this as well, as she matched my strokes, encouraging me to go faster. “Yes, yes, yes…” she would chant.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her as I could feel my cock approaching that point of no return.

“Yes, come inside me…” she ordered. “Deep inside me… Fill me up, Chad! Fill your sister up!” As her chanting continued, I gave a final push as deep in her as I could as my sperm jetted out the end of my cock. Becky could sense immediately when it happened and continued grinding against my cock. “Oh, yes! There! Yes!” she yelled as she milked every last drop out of me. Finally, I collapsed on top of her, completely spent.

I’m not sure if I drifted off for a moment, or just lay there in a daze, but in a few minutes I came to my senses to see Becky still lying next to me, staring adoringly into my face. “What got into you, Becky?” I asked her.

“You did, Brother,” she replied with a smirk. “Actually, I’ve been hoping something like this would happen since I lost my cherry a few months ago.”

“Um… really?” I asked in a confused way.

“Yep,” she explained. “First, you’re always around when I’d need you. Second, you won’t blab about it to anyone else. And, most importantly…” she paused as she glanced down at my now shrinking cock. “Yours feels much nicer inside me.”

That last comment filled me with pride. I gave Becky a big hug, telling her, “It will always be ready for you.”

Now, we didn’t start fucking like rabbits every chance we got, but over the next week and a half, Becky and I found a few other times to have sex again. The sexual games with Amber and Becky also continued. I didn’t get to fuck Amber again, although there was a close encounter when we were out at the creek.

We were all swimming naked in the creek. It seemed silly after our sexual escapades to bother with bringing our suits down to the creek to change into. The three of us were horsing around in the water and Becky gave me an unexpected push on my back. I fell forward, landing in Amber’s arms, and the two of us crashed to the ground, landing in the shallows at the edge of the water. After we each caught our breath from the fall, we both realized that I was lying fully on top of her and my cock, which was always slightly hard around the two naked girls, was nestled directly on top of her pussy and was expanding to its full size.

Amber gazed into my eyes and slowly gyrated her hips, rubbing her pussy along the length of my shaft. When I felt this, I slowly started moving against her as well. We only got a couple strokes in when Becky asked, “Are you two okay?” This simple question snapped us out of our trance, and we both disengaged and stood up to show her that we were fine.

Two weeks after our first encounter, Amber came up to me as I was cleaning up after dinner. “Come with me to the barn,” she whispered in my ear, and sauntered off.

I finished putting things away as far as I could and then headed out to the barn, wondering what Amber had in mind. I climbed the latter up to the loft. As I looked around, Amber grabbed me from the side. She pulled her towards her, wrapped her hands around her and planted a kiss on my lips.

As we kissed, I reflected at how much more assertive Amber had become over the last two weeks, at least around me and Becky. As my tongue sparred with hers in our mouths, my hands moved up and down her back, then went lower to massage her ass cheeks. We stood together, kissing passionately, and grinding our pelvises together.

After a few minutes, Amber stepped away and moved one of her hands over my crotch. She started rubbing the bulge of my cock up and down through the material of my shorts. “Your sister gave me a pack of her pills,” Amber said quietly. “The directions said to wait two weeks to make sure they had taken effect.” She stopped and looked up into my face longingly. I guess she was still too shy to directly come out and say it, but I knew she was telling me that she wanted to feel my cock come inside her and that she was safe now.

Her hand continued moving up and down my bulge while I moved my hands back up towards her neck. The yellow sun dress that Amber was wearing was one of those where the bowtie at the top of the neck held the entire thing in place. My hands pulled on the ends of the bow and the strings gently separated. As I let go, the dress gently fell away, landing in a pile at her feet, revealing a bra and a pair of matching panties that were both the same shade of bright yellow that the dress had been. Even though I’d seen her naked several times, somehow the sight of her in this lingerie that exactly matched her dress was more erotic.

Amber stepped out of the dress and back against me. She pressed her body back against mine, her hand still between us on my bulge. My hands found their way onto her large tits, cupping each one through the thin material of her bra. I bent my head down and placed it into the cleft of her cleavage, causing her to gasp. As I licked in her valley, my hands found the clasp around back, releasing her tits from their captivity. As the bra fell free, it allowed my tongue to roam freely from one mound to the other. As my tongue made circles around her tits, and flicked her large, dark nipples, Amber was starting to squirm against me. Even after that first day, she had always aroused easily and many a time I could make her come just by licking her tits.

I didn’t want her to have her release yet though, so I disengaged and moved her hands to the top of my shorts. Amber got the hint and pulled my shorts down, releasing my straining cock. As her hand returned to my member, I pulled my shirt over my head.

I sat down on the ground, lowing Amber down next to me. Her hand was still moving over my cock, spreading the lubrication leaking from the tip all up and down my shaft. My hand spread apart her legs and traced circles over her soaking wet panties. My fingers could feel the contours of her opening and they traced the edges of her pussy lips with each circle.

I slipped a finger underneath the material and touched her slit directly. This first contact elicited a loud gasp from Amber. Her hand on my cock stopped momentarily as she was lost in the sensations coming from her pussy. I took hold of the panty itself and Amber lay back and lifted her hips off the ground so I could remove the interfering piece of clothing from her body.

My fingers returned to their massage, running circles around her opening, and flicking her clit on each pass by it. Occasionally, I would dip one of my fingers into her opening. Her opening was definitely tighter, but she was plenty wet enough for what was going to happen next.

As I moved over her, I asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she gasped, her gaze slowly focusing on my face. “Just let me know when you’re going to…, okay?”

I positioned myself at the mouth of her pussy, held her hips with my hands, and slowly pushed my way into her. She was definitely tighter than Becky, after all this was only the second time she’d been fucked, and I could feel the texture and warmth of her pussy more clearly on my cock. Despite her wetness, I didn’t want to force my way in all at once, so I slowly pushed in and out. Each stroke worked its way a little deeper than the previous. Each time my cock penetrated to a new depth, another gasp came from Amber’s mouth.

When I had gotten my full length inside her, I looked at Amber’s face to see how she was doing. She met my gaze and smiled. As I started moving inside her again, her expression returned to that of a distant concentration. She was totally lost in the sensations that my cock was creating in her.

As my cock pumped in and out of her, I let my hands explore the rest of her body. She was definitely a little chunkier all around than Becky – not fat by any means though – but that padding made her body feel softer against him.

Amber was already close to the edge, so it wasn’t long before I could feel her twitching and bucking underneath me. She was definitely quieter than Becky, only letting a series of, “Oh… oh… oh…” escape her mouth as she came. When it passed, I could see her gaze focus back on me and I started to increase the speed of my thrusts.

“Okay,” I said between breaths, “get ready. I’m going to come…” I gave a few more long thrusts into her and as I felt the familiar sensation of my orgasm beginning, I thrust deep inside Amber. She sensed that this was the start and she held herself very still underneath me. Both of us were locked in a tight embrace as my cock twitched over and over delivering load after load of my cream inside her. Even though Amber was still, I could feel her body flinch in time to my pulses.

When the twitches subsided, Amber gave me a big hug and whispered into my ear, “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt. Thank you.” I returned the hug and we just stayed in each other’s’ arms for a few more moments.

In the week that we had before Amber had to return with her family to New York, we fucked nearly every day. She wanted to get as much of me as she could before she had to leave. Becky and I also continued fucking, although not as frequently, even after we returned to our homes. When school started back up, we both dated other people like normal, but the fact that we had each other to satisfy our urges allowed us to be more sexually selective in our dating.

But looking back, that summer was one of the most memorable summer vacations I had.

-the end-

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Penance ....

He had been such a disappointment. That he would fail her was never an issue. Diedre knew that he would. That it had been for such a trivial thing though was something she would not easily forget nor ever forgive. For this he would be taken to a place she deemed him to be.

First she took from him his name. In its place she would call him what ever she desired at any given moment.

Then, when she received from him his assurance that he was more than just willing to make amends, that his life right now was meaningless unless he could prove his worthiness to her she determined a punishment that not only proved his sincerity but also in some small way might atone for his sin against her desire. He agreed. He agreed because he knew that Diedre was his life and without her he was reduced to an empty shell which would wither and perish into the oblivion he deserved.

Diedre summoned him. He obeyed as he said he would and would follow her instructions exactly as she demanded he do. When he arrived there was a note informing him that upon entering her threshold he was to do exactly as told without fail, without complaint. If he felt he could not do this for her, then there would be no purpose in his presence and he was to leave without question never to return. Taking a deep breath he understood and entered into her world. He found himself standing alone in her kitchen finding before him the signs of mundane toil in the form of a pail and scrub brush. On the table was another note which he read and then read again. He wondered if she were behind him... was she even there? It did not matter. He would do as she demanded. He stripped away the clothing he wore and placed it on the chair as instructed but not before removing another slip of paper and an object he had seen before but never actually considered at being more than a simple conversation item... a novelty to smirk and grin over. Her words though were written without humor and were as clear and precise as any he had ever understood before.

With no skill and much effort he finally placed it within him holding it securely until he had maneuvered himself to his knees. Only then did he dare take his hand away and was relieved to find that it remained intact and though the discomfort was real, it was not a discomfort he could not endure for her. He started in the far corner and as per her instructions cleaned working his way back to the far doorway. Wondering all the while if she were somewhere near watching him, observing him as he scrubbed and dried only occasionally pausing to secure the insertion that it would not betray his desire and slip from that most private of places.

Finally, he finished this task and as directed he crawled the short distance to the bathroom where she had arranged for him that required for his next duty. He wiped the walls, scrubbed the sink, scoured the toilet, and washed the floor. Now when he was certain that it was clean he crawled again, this time into the room with the open door exactly as her instructions had said. He closed the door behind him. There was the third and final note of his penance.

Obeying her commands he stood and went to the furthest corner of the room. Standing facing the wall he began to count out lowd... "One...Two...... " his voice was with volume but without timber taken by the fear that he might have again failed her. "Forty three.... forty four" Loudly he counted wondering how one so unworthy as himself could dare imagine that he could please this Goddess of all women.

"Seventy nine....Eighty" Her instructions had been precise. Especially these final few. "Ninety..." -at the count of one hundred you will open the door and drop to you knees, should you find your clothes your are to dress and leave and never to mention my name again. If instead you find nothing, then you are to crawl backwards, your elbows on the ground following a straight line until you find yourself before me- "Ninety nine.....One Hundred." He felt his heart jump and his pulse race. The palms of his hands had turn cold and damp.

With steps heavy with anticipation and slowed by anxiety he made his way to the door and opened it dropping instinctivly to his knees. He had closed his eyes

as if that action alone would make everything right. With a deep prolonged breath he slowly opened his eyes and found himself overcome with relief so much so that he wanted to cry out loud... to shout his joy and having pleased her. But he dared none of that. He dared do nothing that would jeopardize the fragile accomplishment he had achieved with his hard work and dedication to her.

As told he crawled backwards, once again aware of that object and suddenly knowing she was here he felt a rush of embarrassment and humiliation sweep over him, almost stopping him until shear will and desire forced him on. That she would see him like this, so violated, so vulnerable made his breath short and his hands grow colder. He had never before been so exposed, not to any woman and that he was as this before her, his Goddess, she who he worshipped and adored caused him an agony he had never knew could be felt.

He could see her now. Her feet were before him. He stopped as she had told him to do.

"Turn around." her voice was without compassion for him.

He did as she commanded.

Her hand brushed across the quivering flesh of his ass and his humility grew tenfold. That she was witness to this violation, that her eyes could see his him

so vulnerable... so weak and diminished.

"Emily. I will call you Emily today." she said and her gentle laughter bore through him, "The man of words... Emily."

"Yes Deidre." his whispered.

"Did I ask you're opinion, Emily?"

"No Diedre." again his voice was little more than a breath.

Suddenly the palm of her hand found him and he shudder from the sting across his flesh. "I didn't hear you..." Before he could respond her hand again found its mark, this time with more purpose, more intention. He winced, his breath shortened, but again she found the distance... he bucked sligthly, silently cursing himself for this display of weakness he was subjecting her to. For his movement she punished him in a series of short, purposefully falls of her palm upon his the flesh of his ass stopping as suddenly as she had begun. He did not move. He could sense her closeness and dared not move.

"On your knees only."

He brought himself upright. His face flushed and reddened. He watched her eyes and she looked at him, allowing her gaze to fall wherever she willed.

Diedre took a seat before him. His eyes fell to her feet and remained there as he knew her own were taking him in, inspecting every wretched inch of his being. He could feel that look bearing down on him and it diminished him further.

"For what purpose does Emily exist?"

He kept his head bowed, "I exist for Diedre."

"Why? What reason do you exist for her?"

He wanted so desperately to word himself right, to make certain that his thoughts were clearly defined. His hesitation though was but one more disapointment and he felt her foot press his chest and drive him back onto the carpet. Laying there sprawled and worthless, useless to his Goddess, a failure to his Mistress he shuddered and trembled.... reduced further drawing oblivion closer with every breath. "Please Deidre, forgive me... I exist for you..only you. I am for your pleasure, for you desire." He didn't dare look at her, "Please....forgive me."

He heard her rise and walk away, tears welled in his eyes at the thought that his failure had caused her so much disappointment and that now she would leave him there... nothing, empty, hollow, a speck of dirt upon the floor to be swept away.

Instead she crossed the room and took a seat far from him. "Come to me Emily."

He made no attempt to rise but instead dragged himself across the room begging his strength not to abandon him. This, pleased her. She watched him there before her and it pleased her that he finally understood this was where he belonged.

She reached down and tenderly removed the object she had chosen to symbolize his submission to her.

"Thank you, Diedre." his words were little more than a moan.

For that moan her hand once more rewarded his insubordination, this time only once, but harsher as if she were placing the ultimate punctuation to her displeasure,

"Emily will not speak unless Dierde desires." She rose and took her seat once more, "Repeat that!"

"Emily will not speak unless Diedre desires."

She could hear the contrition in his voice, it pleased her. His failure had been real, she would never forgive nor forget. Always he would know that he had proved himself inadequate to her. But, Diedre was not without compassion. He had performed his penance. He had tried to please her. But this was not about him. Nor would it ever be. There was no reason to give him a second thought other than for determining if he could serve her purpose at any given moment. "Get up...on your knees."

He struggled to bring himself off the carpet, finally with great effort he knelt before her his elbows to the floor his hands flat before him, his face deep into the carpet.

He felt her foot brush against his cheek. The fire of eternity blazed within him at her touch. She held his head cradled between her feet and drew it up from the floor, looking into her eyes he saw that she was no longer enraged with anger or cast in disapointment. His lips quivered as her feet pressed against him.

"Emily wishes to say something? Speak Emily."

"Please... let me worship you Diedre, let me adore you."

Her eyes drew into a scowl that burnt his soul, "Should I Emily? Should I allow you to serve me?"

"Yes, Diedre.. please." his words became a flood of emotions, begging her forgivness, pleading her indulgence. She listened for it did please her though feeble it was not without sincerity. He kept on, his voice coming and going with his emotion. She placed one foot on his thigh, the other she ran up his chest finally placing a toe over his lips, still he continued to beg and plead for her. She pressed her big toe between his lips to silence him and reward his acceptance that in his life she was his only concern.

She allowed him her feet for it gave her pleasure to watch him adore her. Her feet were the altar at which he would always worship. He would fail her again. That was certain. And again she would show her anger and disappointment. She would rename him at will, reminding him always of this first failure so that when it happened again... and it would, then he would forever appreciate the kindness and compassion she had shown him this first sin. For the next time she would not be so understanding.


"Yes Deidre?"

She smiled... he knew who and what he was, and where he belonged. He was for her and that pleased her.

-the end-

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Birthday Story

Yesterday was Rachael's birthday. She turned thirty-five, and I swear, she looks younger than when I met her nine years ago. Her firm body is just as firm, her proud breasts are still high and taunt, her bullet nipples still become likes little stones when she's excited, and these days she gets very excited, very often.
I want to tell you how we celebrated her "coming" of age into womanhood. It started about a week ago. She was somewhat morose about turning another year older, and I was doing my best to cheer her up. I assured her that she was not losing her charms, or her sexiness. But still, these were only words. Only she could choose to believe me or not.
"I promise you, you could still give a hard on to a corpse!" I had told her.
"Maybe before, but not now. Besides, I don't have the ability to stand up to the fucking and sucking I used to do."
"Rachael, I really want to see you snap out of this. What can I say to prove to you that you've still got more going for you than a dozen younger women?"
She didn't answer at first. I could tell she was thinking. Her birthday was really bothering her. I knew I would have to take drastic action.
"You know, to prove how good you are, I'm going to conduct an experiment. On your birthday, you are going to show me, and yourself, and a few other people just how fantastic you really are."
"What do you have in mind?"
"You'll see."

The morning of her birthday, I woke her early with breakfast in bed. I'd fixed her favorite morning meal, strawberries and cream. As she sat up in bed, fluffed her pillows and prepared for breakfast, she seemed a bit happier than the night before. We chatted about nothing in particular. I really enjoyed watching her eat the meal I'd prepared. Not only did she enjoy my efforts, but I enjoyed watching her breasts as they rose and fell with each breath. The left one was covered by her nightgown, but the right breast was fully exposed, her pink nipple giving the strawberry a run for its money. It's pinkish hue and reddish brown tip built a fire in my cock that would soon have to be extinguished.
I got up from my chair when she'd finished eating. When I reached over her to pick up the tray, she deftly slid her hand inside my robe, and with confidence bred of familiarity, wrapped her hand around my cock.
"I knew it would be hard," she said.
"And how did you know?"
"I watched you watch my nip. Knowing that you were watching it so intently was what was making my nips get hard. And experience tells me that when I get hard, you get hard!"
She was right of course. My cock was rock hard. Instead of going downstairs with the tray, I set it on the recliner in our bedroom and returned to the bed where my wife was still laying. I pulled the covers away from her body, and to my delight, discovered the red satin gown she wore had ridden up to her thighs, exposing most of her legs. I knew there was only about two inches of skin between what I was looking at, and her hot pussy. Reaching down to her soft inner thigh, I gently stroked her tender leg. At the same time, I bent over and took her right nipple into my mouth, sucking, biting, pulling it out even further with my teeth.
She responded immediately! Her nipple hardened into a soft steel bullet, with her involuntary thrusts to push it further into my hot mouth. Her legs parted. A little at first, then wider, and finally wide enough for me to mount her. That was what she wanted. She wanted me to shove my hard cock into her soft wet pussy. But no one can fuck my wife better than me, and I knew she could become a great deal hotter if I teased her a bit more. My hand continued its petting of her open inner thigh, but I did not touch her cunt. She tried to trap my hand there, tried to inveigle me into stroking her damp love box, maybe more than stroking. She wanted satisfaction, and she wanted it now.
But I am a man of patience, and I knew she wasn't near as hot as she could be. I continued my teasing, as she continued the digital manipulation of my cock. Her small hand was wrapped around as much of my turgid dick as she could get to, while she continued to moan and writhe under my hand loving I was giving her. She started to give words to her movements.
"Oh, Phillip! Touch me. Touch my cunny. Make me come on your fingers! Oh, baby, I need you to put your hand on my pussy. I need that fat cock of yours in my cunt!"
Slowly I started to move upward, toward that damp hot musky secret place between her legs. I moved my fingers exceedingly slowly, so slow that I felt her urgency build with the speed of a 747 as it ascends skyward.
"Don't tease me. I need to feel you in my pussy! Please!"
Her pleas fell on deaf ears, however. I did not speed up my movements. Quite the opposite, I tended to move my fingers away from her steaming pussy. She must have thought I was losing interest, or maybe she thought she could raise the ante, at any rate, her next move didn't surprise me. Instead of straining to get her cunt closer to my hand, she sat up in bed, turned her head toward the mid section of my robe. She took my hard cock (which by now was about as hard as it gets) and pulled it into her mouth.
She sucked me half-way in on the first contact. I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock, while her lips increased their pressure on the portion of the shaft already buried in her mouth. Her teeth came down on the tender hardness that was my cock, and she began chewing on my dick with the gentleness of a baby tiger suckling its mother's teat! Her right hand was still trying to encircle the base of my love tool, while her left was digging into my ass cheeks, forcing me to come closer to her sucking lips!
While all the oral action was taking place on my hard cock, Rachael had flung her legs wide open, allowing me full access to her hot cunt. The outer lips had separated and her inner most private section was wide open, and if it could be as vocal as her other mouth, it would have screamed, "Fuck Me!"
I continued to fondle her inner thigh, but now I was only millimeters away from her still untouched pussy. Rachael pulled her legs up to her chest and revolved around on the mattress to the point that now my turgid cock was pointing in the same direction as her gaping pussy. She dropped my cock out of her mouth and slid her ass toward me. I was standing on the side of the bed, my wife's legs encircling my waist and her pussy about to take my dick inside, regardless of my intentions. She was out of control, ruled by lust, and wanting to be fucked! What could I do but accommodate.
My cock sank into her wet pool of passion. There was no resistance to the assault. The first stroke went half-way into her pussy, the second stroke saw my dick buried to the hilt in wet cunt! And then she went wild. Bucking of the bed, she gave over entirely to her needs.
"Fuck me, you bastard! I need your dick and you're making me beg for it! I need you to come in me, I need to feel you shoot your hot load in me!"
I was not fucking her. She was fucking me. As I stood there, almost without moving, my wife rammed her cunt against my pubic hair, over and over again. She was totally caught up in the moment. It had been a long time since I'd seen her so completely committed to a fuck. Usually Rachael maintains some semblance of control while fucking, some degree of mastery over the person she's fucking, but not this morning. This morning she was driven to fuck, and she didn't care how badly she acted. She wanted cock, and now, with mine buried deep inside her pussy, she intended to finish what I'd started.
"I want to feel you dump your load inside my pussy!"
"You just want to feel anyone dump a load inside your pussy!" I responded.
"Yes, but you're there now, and you'll do. Fuck me you prick!"
"Rachael, I love it when you admit what you are. Tell me and I'll come for you."
"Just fuck me. Shut up and fuck me!"
"Tell me what you are!" I demanded.
"TELL ME!!!!!"
"By who, dear?"
And I did come. But now, the difference in Rachael was amazing. She was totally lost to the fucking. I learned early on in our marriage that the one thing that turns her on more than anything else is to be forced to beg for cock, and then have to admit she's no better than any street whore, looking for a hard dick. I'm sure it has something to do with the strict way she was raised, but for Rachael, nothing gets it faster than being forced to act like a slut, and then admit verbally that she is one.
I shot my come deep inside her. Six times my cock convulsed and six times I shot a spurt of hot love cream in my wife's pussy. Finally we both calmed down. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, not from pain, but from self inflicted shame and humiliation. It was the ultimate orgasm for her. She looked up at my face and saw the love I had for her. My softening cock was still in her pussy, and I slowly pulled it out of her, and turned her back on the mattress, so now she was lying in her regular position on the bed. I took one step upward toward her, and she knew what to do.
Without my asking, she leaned forward and gently took my now flaccid penis into her mouth, sucking it quietly, tenderly. This was not an exercise to get me hard again. She was merely cleaning my cock for me with her mouth. It was her way of thanking me for making her come. I knew it for what is was, and somehow my cock did too. I did not grow another erection, but rather just enjoyed the warmness of my dick inside her hot moist mouth. When she was finished cleaning me, I pulled it out from between her sweet lips and laid next to her on the bed. She buried her face in my chest and fell back asleep. Looking at her lay there, I couldn't believe that ten minutes earlier she had been a wanton whore, begging me to fuck her. Now she looked more like a little girl laying next to her father for a nap.
But that would all change. I had big plans for her that day. Plans that included a lot of bed, but very little sleep. As I heard the lawn mower start in the yard outside, I knew the day's activities were about to begin. Juan, our gardener was already at work. Or so he thought!

My Shaved Experience I

From the erotic story archives of

by Lucien

A few years ago I had a member of my staff staying at my house for a few months while he found a permanent place to stay. By the time that Rory had been living with us for about 2 weeks he asked if his girlfriend could stay for the weekend. We agreed that as they were sharing a room anyway this would be no inconvenience for the family.

The next Friday arrived and Rory went off the airport to collect Marina. We were sitting around the pool when he returned. I was almost speechless when he introduced us. Before me stood a blonde beauty with the most correctly proportioned body and the face to match. I offered her a drink and asked her if she didn’t want to slip into a bathing suit and join us. She walked into the house and was soon back out with a towel around her, she slowly walked to the deep-end and dropped the towel. She was wearing an awesome white G-string bikini and her full breasts filled the top to perfection while just a slight bulge showed off her hairy pussy. As she dived into the pool I was having extreme difficulty hiding the growing erection quickly forming in my pants.

We sat around the pool until it got dark, drinking wine and talking. We then moved inside to the bar and continued our discussions. As the wine flowed the talk got more and more frank and it wasn’t long before the subject turned to sex. Katherine, my wife, started telling Marina how shortly after we met I persuaded her to shave off her pubic hairs. At first she had resisted as she had had a fairly conservative upbringing and felt that this type of thing was really perverted. After a few days of coaxing she had finally agreed and we had shaved her pubic hair off. She went on to say that since that day she had never had long pubes again and that she now kept them either very short or completely shaved. Marina said she had tried to shave but had ended up cutting herself and within a few days the itchy stubble had nearly driven her crazy. That was where I stepped in! "You have to just use the right technique" I told her, "if you follow my step by step instruction it will work fine. Marina was very skeptical until Katherine took her through to the bedroom and showed her her own pussy, which had been shaved 3 days earlier. Marina tentatively asked Katherine whether she could feel how hard the hairs were. "Go ahead" Katherine said "feel how soft they are".

The girls came back from the room with Katherine looking slightly flushed and Marina with a sparkle in her eyes. Soon afterwards we all went off to bed. As we lay in bed Katherine turned to me and said "you find her very attractive, don’t you?" "Was it that obvious" I asked. "You sat with your mouth open half the night," she said. What did you guys get up to in here I asked, knowing that my wife was very straight. "I just let Marina see how my shave looked. She did also just feel whether the stubble was hard or not" she said. "Sheez" I sighed " what did that feel like". "Actually quite nice" she whispered " a woman’s touch is so much softer than you men". I eventually fell asleep with all these thoughts rushing around in my head. Up to that point I had never slept with another woman since I had met Katherine and the possibilities in my mind were mind boggling. The next afternoon Katherine and the family were out at movies and I was sitting watching sport on TV when I heard a car arrive outside. A few minutes later Rory and Marina walked into the house. Rory had a glum look on his face. His cell phone had just rung and he had been called out to a breakdown. No idea how long it would take. He quickly changed into his work clothes and was gone.

Marina walked into the lounge and told me she had something to show me. As I followed her she walked straight into the main bedroom and then through into the bathroom. She turned around to face me and slowly lifted her skirt. She was wearing the sexiest turquoise G-string I have ever seen. Her thumbs hooked the side of the panties and she slowly slid them down exposing a newly shaved pussy. I stared at her pussy. The lips were completely closed with just a hint of a bump that covered her clitoris. "I took you advice and just wanted to tell you how well it worked" she innocently said. "Sheez" I exclaimed, "that is the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen" Seeing my obvious erection she lifted her hand to mine and guided it onto her bare mound. "Feel how smooth and soft it feels" she breathed. My fingers just rubbed over her mound and I could feel hips gently pushing into my hand. I knelt down onto my knees and slowly buried my face into the soft, smooth folds of skin. I breathed in her heavenly scent. I slid my tongue down her slit and started to push it into her now wet pussy. As I started to taste her juices I heard a car pull up outside. I immediately realized that this was the family home. Marina realized what was happening and quickly pulled up her panties and hurried off to her room. By now my hard-on had disappeared and I went out to say hi to the family.

I had no opportunity to pursue my plans Marina again that day but hoped that an opportunity would arise the next day. On the Sunday we spent the day around the pool having a barbecue. Katherine removed her top and lay by the pool sun tanning. I walked over to her and suggested she take off her bikini bottom and start working on that ‘all over" tan. She glanced over at Rory and Marina and said "don’t you think they will mind". "No" I said, "Marina said last night that she was a bit of an exhibitionist at heart. My mind was racing at the opportunity to see that beautiful pussy one more time. Katherine thought about it for a few minutes and then slowly slid off her bikini bottom "Come on Marina, lets get these bottoms off and get that proper tan going" she yelled across. Marina looked over at me and slowly unhooked her top and thew it to the ground; next she slipped her bikini bottom off and stepped out of them. "Oh great" yelled Katherine "you did it, how does it feel?" "The skin is so sensitive from only ever having been shaved once that it feels really erotic." Marina called back. I looked back at Katherine and couldn’t help noticing that she was looking flushed and her pussy lips were glistening from the moisture. Was this just perspiration or was she getting turned on?

The day sped by and it was soon time for Rory to take Marina to the airport to catch her return flight. I hugged her goodbye and as she put her arms around me she whispered "there will always be another chance". The weeks quickly sped by and my unbelievable experience slowly drifted to the back of my mind, that is until a few months later when we were planning our office Christmas party. I realized that this would be my opportunity to progress what had started earlier in the year. As was traditional all spouses were invited to the company Christmas party and we tried to keep husbands and wives from sitting together. I felt that it was my privilege to be able to arrange the table seating and obviously made sure that I was seated next to Marina. The long awaited night arrived and we all met at the restaurant. When Marina walked in I knew my wait had been worthwhile. She was wearing a tiny mini skirt with a white lace top. Under the top she had a beautiful white lace bra and the tips of those inviting nipples could be seen through the thin fabric. As she sat down she let her skirt hike up until I could just see the slightest glimpse of her matching white lace panties. She continued to flirt with me for the remainder of the evening. At one stage she stood up and went off to the ladies room. When she returned she sat down and slipped something onto my lap. I looked down and saw her lace panties lying in my lap, she leaned across and whispered in my ear "a little souvenir for later on" and rubbed her hand across my now throbbing erection. I quickly slipped them into my pocket and fantasized fucking my hand while breathing in her pussy scent. As we got on to desert I heard her say to the woman sitting next to her that although Rory was very well endowed she always craves sex with men who have enormous pricks. I felt this was a great time to throw in the opinion of an averagely endowed man. "It’s not the size of the nail but the person hammering the nail" I joked, "how so" she asked. "A really good lover can get you going long before he pulls his prick out of his pants. An educated tongue can be worth much more that a 12’ dick" I retorted. Shortly thereafter the party broke up and we all went our respective ways.

By the time we got home I was so horny, my cock was as hard as a rock. As Katherine slipped into bed a rolled over and put my arms around her. She seemed just as horny as I was as she pushed her newly shaved pussy up against my throbbing cock. We kissed deeply and I felt her hands move down my back and pull my cock hard against her mound. As I rubbed her hard nipples between my fingers she grasped my hard cock and guided it to her wet lips. "I need you inside me" she gasped. I pushed it in about an inch and just teased the inside of her wet pussy. "Fuck me deeper" she breathed into my ear. I then pushed my hard cock deep inside her. She moaned and writhed around as I pounded her waiting pussy. All the excitement of the evening seemed to quickly push both of us over the edge. We lay there quietly, each of us deep in our thoughts. Katherine slid her hands down my body and started to gently fondle my prick. Katherine straddled my body and slowly took my hardening cock into her soft mouth. Above my face I could see her hot pussy with my cum leaking out between her lips and starting to trickle down her thighs. I pulled her pussy down to my waiting lips and tasted my thick cum mixed with her pussy juices. She took my cock deep in her throat and as she sucked on my head her hand started caressing my balls. I sucked her pussy until all the juices were soon running down my throat. I then started to suck her clit in a steady rhythm until I could feel that her orgasm was slowly building. I gently inserted a finger into her waiting pussy and let them rotate around the hot walls of her cunt. She started moaning and writhing around until the floodgates opened which quickly sent me over the edge. We drifted off into a blissful sleep. A few weeks we held our New Years party. As the house started to fill up we were all very busy welcoming people and getting the barbecue fires going and I didn’t have much time to think about anything else. At about 8pm I was standing at the bar relaxing when Marina walked up. She was dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a white vest. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see the dark patches where her nipples were pressed up against the vest. She took my hand and led me to the dance floor. We had been dancing for a while when a slow number came on. Marina put her arms around me and pressed her firm body up against me, she guided me to a dark corner of the dance floor and gently started to kiss my neck. As our bodies were slowly mingling on the dance floor I felt a gentle tugging at my shorts. As I looked down Marina firmly grasped my now hard cock and gave it a squeeze. "Tonight" she said, " you can try to prove your ‘educated tongue’ theory". I nearly came on the spot. I rubbed her pussy through her jeans and felt her hips rotate their response. The biggest challenge that now faced me was how I would be able to slip away from the pool house to the main house without Rory or Katherine noticing. I looked over to the bar and saw that Rory had joined a group of guys sitting at the bar doing their best to kill my tequila supply. His legs were already wobbling. Marina followed my gaze and whispered " leave him to me, just get your side in order." I looked around the room for Katherine and finally saw her squatting next to the pool talking to a guy in the pool. She was wearing a tiny red mini skirt and I noticed that the guy in the pool was getting an unobstructed view of her panty clad pussy. Under normal circumstances I would have beaten the shit out of him for trying to hit on my wife, but for now she was out of the way. Marina broke our embrace and made her way to the bar to speak to Rory. She quickly refilled his glass and I saw her slip something into the tequila. Rory quickly slammed back the tequila and put his glass down ready for another. Marina slipped over to where I was standing and said "give him a few minutes and he will be off to dreamland". "What did you put in his drink I asked". "I've been having trouble sleeping lately and the doctor gave me some sleeping tabs to try and get my body back into a routine" she answered "they should take about 10 minutes to work". Shortly thereafter we saw Rory wobble off to the couch and lie down. Within minutes he was softly snoring, oblivious of the load music playing in his ear or my hand on his girlfriends hot pussy. I glanced across to the pool and saw that by now Katherine was sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water; the guy she was with was resting his chin on his hands with his face not more that 10 inches from her pussy. I took Marina by the hand and said "lets slip up to the house". She squeezed my hand and whispered "you lead the way, I can’t wait."

We slipped unseen over the lawn and as we approached the house I looked back to see if anyone had noticed our departure. I saw 2 figures move from the pool house into the shadows following us up to the main house. I hung back against the side of the house to see if we had been spotted. I could not believe my eyes. Here was my wife running up the lawn holding the hand of the guy from the pool. By the way they were keeping in the shadows it was obvious that neither could see Marina or I watching their every move. They quickly slipped into the house and down the passage to the bedrooms. We followed and saw them go into the first spare room, they didn’t even bother to close the door. I took Marina by the hand and we quietly walked around the house to the spare room window. The curtains were slightly open; enough for us to see my wife’s lover on his knees with his head buried deep in her pussy. His towel was lying on the floor and his hard cock was sticking up, ready to impale her hot pussy. I heard a gasp from behind me and saw that Marina was vigorously rubbing her pussy through her jeans. I couldn’t wait any longer and quickly led Marina into the main bedroom.

Marina slipped off her shoes and crawled onto the bed. She lay back and giggled, "let the lesson begin!" I crawled onto the bed and took her beautiful body in my arms. Our lips met. I rubbed my throbbing cock against her hot pussy and felt her push back with equal force. I started kissing her cheeks and slowly moved down and kissed her neck. My hands slipped under her back and pulled the vest up over her head. She lifted my shirt off and pulled our bodies together. I could feel the now hard points of her breasts pressing into my chest. I continued kissing down her chest until I reached her hard nipples. My lips caressed her nipples and I took each one in my mouth. As I sucked her areolas into my mouth, my tongue flicked the tips of her nipples. She started to moan loudly and I just hoped that Katherine was too busy with being pleasured to notice the sounds of our lovemaking. I moved down her flat tummy and slid my tongue into her tiny belly button. She had her hand on my head and was gently rubbing her fingers through my hair. I unbuckled her belt and as she lifted her hips off the bed I pulled her tight jeans down over her hips. I turned my attentions to her bare feet and gently started rubbing them with both hands. I slipped each toe into my mouth and sucked gently on them. I had never been much of a "foot" man but the effect it was having on Marina was certainly changing my mind. I traced my kisses up her legs and made my way up her legs, ever closer to her panty clad pussy. My kisses eventually reached her inner thighs. My tongue traced little circles around her thighs and moved up and around her pussy. My nose detected the sweet smell of her pussy. Her panties were wet and I could see the shape of her pussy lips clearly. I buried my face into the panties and used my tongue to find her hard clit. I rubbed up and down her slit with my tongue while my lips sucked at the wet spot of her panties. Her hands were now pulling my face deep into her pussy. My tongue snaked around the elastic of her panties and I started flicking her clit. Marina writhed around on the bed and moaned "take my panties off and tongue my pussy." I slipped my fingers into the lace band of the wet white panties and slipped them down her legs. In the dim light I saw her pussy had been newly shaved. "I had hoped something like this would happen" she said " I shaved my pussy this afternoon. I bent down and slowly ran my tongue over her neat smooth lips. The contact with the newly shaved pussy had her moaning quietly. I ran my tongue slowly in ever decreasing circles until at last it touched her swollen clit. I ran my tongue down her slit and slid it into her dripping cunt. By now Marina was bucking her pussy against my face and I felt her juices running down my cheeks. Within seconds I heard her yell, " I’m cumming" as even more juice leaked from her pussy. She lay there panting. I felt my rock hard cock pushing in to the bed and I could feel a wet spot had formed. My tongue resumed its rhythmic licking of her clit. I gently slid my finger into her tight pussy and while I sucked her clit my finger started rubbing against her pubic bone deep in her cunt. This immediately sent her over the edge once again. She took my hand and pulled me up to her. She kissed me on the lips, her tongue slipping into her mouth. "Hmmm" she said, "there is nothing quite like the taste of pussy". "Lie back and enjoy" she giggled. Her hands ran down my chest and her lips moved down onto my nipples. She sucked each nipple into her mouth her tongue rolling around and around. She sat up and let her long hair fall down my tummy and onto my thighs her soft hair caressed my balls as it cascaded over my hard prick. Her full lips sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. As her head moved down the hard shaft, her tongue ran around the edge of my head. I could feel my orgasm starting to rise from deep in my full balls. As my cock started to twitch she firmly squeezed my balls and I felt my orgasm subside. She slowly withdrew and my cock slipped from her mouth with a pop. She pushed the tip of her tongue onto the slit of my cock while her lips teased my head. She ran her lips down my shaft and took my balls into her mouth; her rhythmic sucking of my balls had the Pre-cum dripping from my cock. Her tongue traced up my shaft and she once again took my cock deep into her mouth. By now I could hold back no longer and pulled her head further onto my shaft. With a load groan I felt my cum squirt into the back of her throat. She drank up ever drop. She moved back up the bed and lay next to me, her fingers holding my spent cock.

As we lay there I sensed a movement from the doorway. I looked up to see Katherine standing at the door with her hands buried deep in her wet pussy. She slipped her fingers into her mouth as she stepped into the room. "Is there anything left for me?" she asked. Marina quietly got off the bed and walked around to where Katherine was standing. She took her hand and led her to the bed. In one movement she pulled Katherine’s dress over her head and gently lay her on the bed. "Fuck me in the mouth" Katherine said to me. I straddled her small tits and offered my now hardening cock to her lips. She lifted her head and sucked my cock into her mouth. As I pushed forward I heard her moan. I looked over my shoulder and saw Marina’s face buried deep in my wife’s cunt. "Nooo" she moaned "I’ve never done this before". Lie back and enjoy it" Marina countered, "there is nothing quite like a freshly fucked cunt and I’ve been looking forward to eating this one since I first saw it". Katherine started writhing around, my cock soon forgotten. I stood up and surveyed the scene in front of me. The 2 most fuckable women in the world to me were locked in a lesbian embrace. I looked down and saw Marina’s dripping pussy framed between her firm thighs. I took my hard cock in my hand a guided into her wet canal. As I slowly pushed it deep into her waiting cunt I felt her push back trying to get it deeper. My hands slid around her hips and as I thrust into her pussy I rolled her hard clitoris between her fingers and as she screamed "fuck me, fuck me" I saw Katherine throw her head back and her body being wracked by her orgasm. Marina lifted her head and started moaning "Fuck my pussy, fuck me with that hard cock." As I felt my second orgasm of the day rising she screamed, overcome by another orgasm."

I pulled my cock from her dripping cunt. We were all quiet. I walked around and sat on the bed next to Katherine. "Thank you" I whispered "you have just fulfilled my greatest fantasy" She just squeezed my hand. Marina crawled up and kissed Katherine on the lips. "Taste your juicy pussy" she whispered. She slid further up Katherine’s body until her dripping cunt was over Katherine’s mouth. Katherine lifted her head and slowly stuck her tongue out to catch a string of cum dripping from Marina’s pussy. The taste of my cum mixed with Marina’s pussy juice seemed to spur Katherine on as she buried her head deep into Marina’s pussy. I sat on the bed and watched as my wife ate Marina out. Marina was soon writhing around and screamed again as she was gripped by yet another orgasm.

We lay side by side on the bed just rubbing each other’s sweaty bodies. Marina sat up and looked at us. "If that is what an educated tongue can do you can keep those big cocks!" she whispered. Katherine looked at Marina for a few minutes and said "I never expected the taste of another woman’s pussy to be soooo good. I hope that hot pussy of yours is not too scarce around here." I just sat on the edge of the bed and wondered what the future would bring.

-the end-

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